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Ashes to Flames

Ashes to Flames by Nichelle Gregory is an erotic romance short story released as part of Totally Bound’s What’s Her Secret? series. In this case, the secret leads into a very unique short tale that I enjoyed very much.

The heroine of the story, Sabria, has been searching for her blood-bonded mate, Jai, for over a year. If they don’t reunite soon then both their lives will be cut short. When she finds him, though, her delight is quickly quashed, because it turns out he doesn’t know who she is, and he’s engaged to someone else!

This has never happened before, and Sabria does not know how to react, what to do. She doesn’t want to hurt Jai or his fiancée, but there is a great deal at stake if she and Jai do not consummate their bond in this lifetime. She must find a way of making it happen, and fast.

Jai, on the other hand, is deeply confused. As soon as he laid eyes on Sabria he knew there was a bond between them, something he could not explain or comprehend. He knows he must find answers and that she can supply them – but how can he do this without upsetting the new life he’s built for himself?

Soon, the mysteries of his past are too much, and Jai must find out what on Earth is going on. When he does, though, his whole world is turned upside down and he must overcome more than just disbelief to get what he really wants. How will he fix this?

Ashes to Flames is an excellent short story. It’s a unique storyline with equally unique characters. The premise is fascinating, as is the way the story unfolds and the way the characters react to this. There is quite a lot to deal with in a short space of time, and I feel that this could have been expanded upon, but the tale still worked. It’s a really intriguing, well-written story and one I’d recommend to fans of paranormal erotic romance – particularly if you’re looking for something different.

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