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Ask No Questions

Ask No Questions is an erotic romance novella by Justine Elyot. Often known for her kinky BDSM stories, this was something a little different from Justine. This novella is still very hot, don’t get me wrong, but the sex is vanilla – if you can call sex in a tractor vanilla! This is definitely not a bad thing, though, just a variation on what I’ve read in Justine’s other books.

This is the story of Rhys, a Welsh hill farmer. He’s fairly new to the farming life, having made the decision to leave his old existence behind and live a very isolated life, for the most part cut off from the world around him. He’s got his dog for company, but only sees people when he heads out to the shops or the farmers’ market.

That is, until he finds a woman in his barn on a horrible rainy day. She’s clearly darted in there for protection from the elements and has fallen asleep. Rhys is immediately enthralled by her – her beauty, seeming innocence, and the tiny hot pants she wears.

When the girl wakes, she won’t tell Rhys anything except for her name. Not where she’s from, why she was on his farm, where was going… nothing. Instead of pushing, Rhys allows her to stay a while, realising that he doesn’t particularly want to talk about his past, either. The two of them are clearly attracted to one another, and as the tension grows, they fall into a kind of trance where all that matters is the here and now.

They hardly know each other, but somehow it doesn’t matter. What follows is a very sweet, yet sensual story of two people taking solace in each other and ignoring the rest of the world and the pain it brings. There’s sex in a tractor, lots of laughs and a real sense that, every now and again, it would be great to live that kind of existence. Of course, real life intrudes in the end, but still…

As I said before, this is something gentler, sweeter from Justine Elyot, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s a lovely, well-written story with a hunky hero and lots of hot sex and a good fun story – what’s not to like? Well done, Ms. Elyot.

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