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Last Call

Last Call is an erotic romance short story from Crissy Smith, released as part of Totally Bound’s What’s Her Secret? series.

It tells the story of Piper Maxwell, a woman who is haunted by her past. She’s scared of it catching up with her, and so she lives life on the run, never staying for too long in one place, lest she be discovered. Her past is her secret, and one she will never be free of. Up until now, she’s never had an issue with moving on when she’s felt the need. But Piper has met someone — Jace. The owner of the bar she works at, Jace Anderson is an ex-Marine who also happens to be smoking hot and interested in her.

Piper’s interested in him, too, but knows nothing can come of it. She can’t get involved, get entangled in anything, because she knows it’ll soon be time to leave. She can never divulge her secret, because she knows if she does, Jace will run a mile.

Unfortunately for Piper, though, Jace is a determined man. He knows she has issues, though he has no idea what they are. What’s more — he doesn’t care what they are. Jace wants Piper by his side, forever. All he has to do is convince her of that, convince her that, no matters what happens, he’ll be there for her.

One night, after the bar closes, Piper gives in to her desire for Jace, and although it’s amazing, she quickly regrets it. She absolutely can’t do this — she has to leave, and fast. Jace, however, as well as being determined, is smart. He knows what she’s thinking, and plans to stop her. But will he still feel the same when Piper’s past crashes into the present in spectacular style, exposing her secret and putting them both in danger at the same time? There’s only one way to find out…

Last Call is an intriguing short story, which is well-written and has interesting characters that it’s easy to care about. I found myself rooting for Piper and Jace throughout, and thought the twist was great. I’d recommend this to paranormal erotic romance fans. My only criticism? I wanted more of this story.

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