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Lessons and Lovers

I’ve been a fan of Portia Da Costa’s work for many years, though I admit I can’t keep up with her – she’s so prolific! I’ve enjoyed everything of hers that I’ve read, and Lessons and Lovers is no exception. This is a previously published title that Portia has self published, and is classed as a short novel.

Lessons and Lovers is the story of Hettie Miller. She’s an aristocratic and wealthy woman, as well as a recent widow. She misses her husband, Piers, very much, and doesn’t know how she’d cope without Starr – Piers’ personal assistant who has stayed on with Hettie since Piers’ death. Starr was there for her during her husband’s illness in many different ways. As Piers grew more ill, he could no longer give his wife sexual pleasure, so gave this task to his trusted servant with his blessing, as long as Hettie would recount what she and Starr had been up to.

Since Piers’ death, though, Starr’s after dark service has stopped, which doesn’t help Hettie’s longing. She feels as though she is betraying the memory of her beloved late husband, but her body wants what her body wants… and that’s Starr. When he comes to her at night once more, she’s delighted and completely satisfied, but at the same time she realises that her feelings for her servant are much more than sexual. The thought troubles her, particularly as she has no idea if Starr feels the same. He’s as aloof, as professional as he’s ever been, hiding everything behind a impenetrable wall. Can Hettie break it down? And if she does – will what she finds be what she was looking for?

Lessons and Lovers is a great read. It has Portia Da Costa’s typical excellent writing and swoon-worthy heroes, as well as an intriguing and fun storyline, and likeable characters. I whizzed through this book in just a few days and enjoyed every moment. Definitely recommended for erotic romance fans.

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