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The Exhibition

The Exhibition is the last book in Grace Marshall’s best-selling Executive Decisions trilogy. The previous two books dealt with two other couples getting it together, and the trials and tribulations they had as part of this. The Exhibition tells the story of Stacie Emerson and Harris Walker.

Stacie’s a successful art gallery owner, and Harris is a photographer. She wants Harris’ work as part of her latest big exhibition, which as well as being incredibly high profile, will also raise lots of money for charity. The trouble is, they don’t particularly like each other, so getting them together in the same room to discuss things is a challenge in itself. Harris dodges Stacie’s phone calls, text messages and emails for as long as possible, until they’re thrown together and actually end up with a grudging respect for one another.

Respect eventually grows into more, and it’s clear there’s an attraction between the two. But Stacie’s got lots going on her life, including one massive thing which she doesn’t want any of her friends involved in. She’s desperate to keep the people she cares about safe, so when Terrance Jamison, her ex, Ellison Thorne’s arch-enemy, threatens to expose Stacie’s secrets, she must expose him for the scumbag that he is. He hurt her badly, very badly, in the past, and when she sees him starting to do the same thing to a promising new artist she’s exhibited, Stacie knows she must do everything in her power to stop him. Whatever it takes.

I’ve loved these books by Grace Marshall – but this one is my favourite of the three. The storyline was incredibly gripping and I very much enjoyed the will-they-won’t-they love/hate relationship between Stacie and Harris. Of course, there was a great deal more to their love story than this, but I don’t want to give anything away. Let’s just say, if you enjoy a hot romantic thriller with some amusing moments thrown in, then you should definitely check out this book. It can be read as a standalone, but I’d recommend checking out the trilogy.

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