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The Harlequin

The Harlequin is book six in the Sexy as Hell series by Harlem Dae, also known as Lily Harlem and Natalie Dae. This book deals with the character of Marti, who appeared in book one, The Novice, as an unusual person with an unusual act at the Sexy as Hell club. Marti is a man, with both male and female parts, and his act involves a snake… intriguing stuff indeed.

This story deals with Marti’s more private life. At home, he shares his life with Joel, the only man who is willing to accept Marti for exactly he is. They’re in a loving, committed relationship, with lots of BDSM thrown in for good measure. Occasionally, Marti and Joel will dabble in threesomes – but it’s never any more than just a bit of fun that has nothing to do with their relationship.

When Marti’s beloved snake, Rio, gets ill, he’s devastated and panics. The two men rush across London to a 24-hour vet, who, thankfully, reassures them that it’s nothing major, and prescribes antibiotics. Panic over, the men realise that the vet, Sheldon, is super hot, and seems to be very interested in the two of them.

He’s clearly clocked that Marti is a man, and rather than being frightened away, as so many have been before him, he’s intrigued and excited by it. Before long, the three men have entered into a sexy scenario in the flat above the veterinary surgery, involving very kinky equipment and some seriously domination and submission.

The Harlequin, in my opinion, is the most hardcore of the Sexy as Hell books I’ve read so far – I’ve always said they’re not for the faint-hearted, and this one in particular adheres to that particular statement. There’s medical fetish which made even me “squick” a little bit – but it’s a wonderful and very erotic tale with some real insight into the relationship between Marti and Joel – two men who clearly think the world of each other. So if m/m/m and medical fetish are your bag, definitely snap up this well-written, kinky short story. You won’t regret it.

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