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The Star

The Star is book five in the Sexy as Hell series by Harlem Dae — also known as Lily Harlem and Natalie Dae. It’s the second short story. This sexy little number tells the story of Julie, one of the performers in the Sexy as Hell club in London. She dances in the club and her props are whips — ones she uses to flagellate herself, because she’s the only one that can do it, the only one that can swing whips hard enough to satiate her needs. Her skin is criss-crossed with scars, ones that many see as ugly, but that Julie sees as part of her, the most beautiful part. All she wants is a man that will love her for who she is, and give her what she wants. And that means accepting those scars, why they’re there, and being able to give her the degree of pain she craves. Julie’s not holding out much hope of finding that man, until The Star comes into her life.

The Star is a famous film star who comes to the club frequently to watch Julie’s show. He enjoys it immensely, is obsessed with it, even. And when she gives him the chance to get closer, into a more private setting, he jumps at the chance. But can he really give her what she wants?

This was an intriguing story. It was easy to see how Julie might struggle with a man accepting her for who she is and understanding her needs as well as meeting them. Having said that, she’s a confident human being as well as a loving and caring one. The way the storyline unfolds is exciting, sexy and fun — and I absolutely found myself rooting for Julie throughout. I enjoyed the way the eroticism was woven expertly in with the romance, and the ending left me both pleased and satisfied. This is another excellent addition to Harlem Dae’s BDSM series, well done.

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