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The Taming of Jessica

The Taming of Jessica is a BDSM novel by Elizabeth Coldwell. It tells the tale of Jessica Sheringham, an older woman with a penchant for younger men, preferably well hung. She heads to London’s hottest clubs in search of boy toys. Jessica believes in fun, hot sex, as well as safe sex. The only trouble is, she shouldn’t be doing it at all. She’s a married woman, and her husband, Max, has no idea what she’s been up to—until he finds out, that is.

When he discovers her wild ways, rather than arguing, throwing her out, and divorcing her, he suggests a trip to Isla Barada—a luxury resort on the other side of the planet. But Jessica quickly discovers that it is no ordinary island. Isla Barada was created as a place for dominant men to act out their desires. Max knows it’s the perfect place to train Jessica, to make her into a submissive, well-behaved wife.

Jessica is soon stripped, searched, spanked and humiliated, before being put up for auction. Max is amongst the crowd, but he doesn’t bid for her. There’s soon a bidding war between a sexy blond she recognises from somewhere and a young guy called Jason Raynes. Jason wins, which basically means that Jessica becomes his submissive for the week that she spends on Isla Barada. She barely sees Max at all, but what she doesn’t realise is that this is the whole point. Jason is an experienced dominant. He’s there to train the wilful Jessica, to make her into the submissive that Max believes she is underneath the badly-behaved exterior.

Jessica must learn to submit, to take orders, to behave, to service anyone she is asked to, and (the most difficult of all) take beatings from instruments varying between hands and canes. By the time she and Max go home, Jessica must be the perfect example of a submissive—or who knows what will happen?

The Taming of Jessica is a great piece of escapist, fantasy-laden erotica, with the slightest smidge of romance. You have to suspend your disbelief to an extent when reading this, but I actually found the storyline, the characters, and the writing engaging enough that I didn’t question the realism—a huge plus point, in my opinion. It was a real page-turner, rendering me eager to find out what happened to Jessica next, and whether her relationship with Jason would develop. This is a book I’d definitely recommend to BDSM/male-dom fans. A very hot read with a brilliant and surprising ending.

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