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Amber's Fantasy

Amber’s Fantasy is an erotic romance novella by Pepper Anthony, published by Beachwalk Press. It tells the story of Amber Jackson, an office worker who has secret desires about having sex with two men at the same time. She’s mortified when her co-worker, Ray Ferris, who’s helping her move some boxes, discovers her ménage novels, and cottons on to what she fantasises about.

In spite of her embarrassment, and the company policy that bans co-workers from dating, Amber finds herself growing increasingly attracted to the IT hunk. She’s never had the hots for a white man before, either, which adds to her confusion. When Ray makes her an offer – to have sex with him and his equally sexy cousin, Cal – will she have the courage to go through with it? It’s what she’s fantasised about for so long, but is it right to make the fantasy reality, and will she regret it if she does? Will she regret it if she doesn’t?

Amber’s torn so many ways, that when a chance comes for them to be together without repercussions, she’s incredibly tempted to take it. But there’s more to the attraction between Amber and Ray than meets the eye – is she fulfilling a longed-for desire at the expense of true love? Or can she have both? More barriers are thrust up between them, but if they really want to be together, then they’ll do their best to leap them.

Amber’s Fantasy was a great read. I loved the everyday, realistic setting and the equally realistic characters with their hopes, dreams and fantasies. I found myself rooting for Amber to get what she wanted from the very beginning, and also enjoyed the fact the story was told from both Amber and Ray’s points of view, so you could see what was happening in both their heads. Amber’s plight was interesting and intriguing, and this well-written, romantic and steamy story is definitely worth a read for erotic romance fans, especially if they’re partial to ménage.

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