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Sweetest Splendor

Sweetest Splendor by Kacey Hammell is book two in the Club Splendor series. I am notorious for reading books out of order, but in this case, it didn’t matter. There was a reference to who I suspected were the characters from the previous release, but I didn’t feel like I was missing information vital to understanding this book. But I’ll definitely check out the other book as I enjoy Ms. Hammell’s writing.

Anyway, this erotic romance short story tells the tale of Bridget Guthrie and Zander Hudson. They both work at Club Splendor, and have been co-workers and friends for several years. They’ve also been attracted to each other for a long time, but because the club has a policy of no staff fraternisation, they haven’t been able to do anything about it, except for the occasional flirting. But now Bridget’s leaving, they no longer have to hide their feelings.

When Zander finds Bridget in the club after hours, having discovered she’s leaving to pursue her dreams, the two of them immediately realise what this means – they can give in to their attraction. So they take advantage of being in one of the club’s pleasure rooms and indulge in the desire they’ve kept in check for so long. But as Bridget’s been in charge of improving other people’s sex lives for so long, helping them fulfil fantasies, will she be able to let go and find a way of taking charge of her own?

Sweetest Splendor was another excellent read from Kacey Hammell. The storyline was interesting, sweet, romantic and sexy all at once. She has a real skill for building up a character’s back story as well as capturing their need and passion. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and will be reading the first one, too. I’d also definitely like more from these particular characters, as I found them and their predicament fascinating. A quick read, recommended for erotic romance fans.

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