Erotica: I Love My Master (Part Two) by Catalfi


Sensual Woman Under Shower by Marin, courtesy of

Sensual Woman Under Shower by Marin, courtesy of

This is Part Two of I Love My Master. Read Part One here

I’m lying on your bed, naked and completely fucked.  You undress out of your work clothes then have a shower.  You come back into the bedroom and start to look for your clean clothes.  I stand up behind you and put my arms round you, kissing and nibbling your shoulders and the back of your neck.  I move my hands down to your cock, just as it starts to grow bigger and harder.  Mmm I love your cock.  I stroke gently, then squeeze hard.  You stop looking for clothes and turn around.  You kiss me, hard and deep, pressing your growing cock against my naked body. 

You tell me to kneel in front of you.  Your cock is so big and hard now; I know exactly what you want me to do next, O Master. I lick slowly up its full length and back down again, feeling you shudder with pleasure.  Then I take you right into my hot wet mouth, licking and sucking, circling my wicked tongue around and over your hard cock.  Mmmm it feels wonderful in my mouth; so hard and smooth. I want to make you come in my mouth.  I want to swallow all your juices then lick you clean. 

I carry on licking and sucking, listening all the while to you telling me how good I am, and how dirty; I’m your dirty cock-sucking babe, your dirty, dirty girl.  You hold on to my hair and keep me right there, kneeling in front of you; you move my head back and forth as I suck hard on your wonderful cock.

Then you push my head back slightly so that your cock is just touching the tip of my tongue; we both slide our hands together up and down your cock, faster and faster.  Oh you’re almost ready to come, to explode into my open mouth.  Faster and faster, harder and harder.  Come now, I want to feel you come into my mouth. 

Suddenly your cock is back deep in my waiting mouth.  You explode; I can feel your juices pulsing into my mouth.  Mmmm I suck and swallow, then circle my tongue around to lick you clean. Soooo wonderful.

I think perhaps we’d both better have another shower before we go out!


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