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Surrender Yourself


Planning a romantic weekend away with your lover for Valentine’s Day? Why not make it unforgettable, and even more romantic, with the addition of an erotic little something else?

Burlesque in Paris

Possibly the most popular romantic destination of all time, why not enhance all those candlelit dinners and strolls by the Seine with a visit to The Crazy Horse Burlesque cabaret?

Le Crazy Horse cabaret has been going since 1951 and has a reputation as being the most avant-garde of all the Paris cabarets. It is visually stunning especially since all the numbers are danced by a troupe of naked women. appreciate the silhouettes of these legendary dancers, and their daring burlesque routines….some of which might inspire you later on in your hotel room. If you really want to splurge this Valentine’s Day Le Crazy Horse Paris are offering special Valentine’s Evenings including champagne and dinner

Aperitivo-time in Milan

A visit to Milan has to include experiencing their legendary apertivos. It is the Italian version of tapas where most hotels and bars serve free buffets of delicious snacks when you buy a drink. How about adding a little something extra to your apertivo time on your Valentine’s weekend? Arrange to meet your lover at the iconic five star Hotel Principe di Savoia in their Principe bar for one of their exclusive cocktails that are works of art in themselves. But let’s play a game….don’t arrive together. Put on your sexiest lingerie, and your highest heels, and over that your coat (a trench coat is always sexier)….and nothing else in between.

When you arrive at the Principe bar, ignore your lover who should be sitting patiently awaiting you and find a nice, cosy armchair all to yourself.Select one of their sumptuous cocktails.  The Principe bar classic is the Raspberry Filtrini, a fruity Martini made with Belvedere raspberry infused Vodka, Chambord liqueur, pineapple juice and raspberry puree, topped with Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne or my own favourite is Principe Anniversario made with Belvedere Vodka, Di Saronno, Blue Curaçao, freshly squeezed lemon juice and Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne all shaken and served up in the luxury ‘Chandelier cup’ made of Murano glass.

Now your partner is going to have to try to pick you up. Remember to act as if you don’t know each other. This is way more erotic than you expect, especially as you know that you are sitting there with only your lingerie on underneath your coat. Give a little suggestive flash of your stockings. If you’re not so comfortable sitting in your undies in a hotel bar you can also do a slightly toned down version of this wearing a very slinky dress.What happens next is up to your imaginations.

Masked seduction in New York

Add something different to your weekend in New York by paying a visit to ‘Sleep No More’ at the McKittrick Hotel. You can avail of their Valentine’s day special with dinner in The Heath restaurant (winner of Diner’s Choice award for most romantic restaurant) before the show

While not marketing itself as erotic, the experience of taking part in the interactive theatre show can be a fun and edgy experience as a couple. Upon arrival at the McKittrick Hotel you are immediately transported into a Hitchcockian world of shadows and mystery, where everyone, from the door manto the receptionist is in character. Now you can slip out of your everyday personna and become another woman. This is made even easier by the fact that every member of the audience is given a white mask to wear.Once you are brought up to the top floor of the hotel and released into the performance spaces you are encouraged to split up and experience the theatrical event on your own. ‘Sleep No More’ is a dark, brooding piece, inspired by Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

It is exciting to chase the action around the different rooms of the hotel, maybe, maybe not coming across your lover.  The anonymity of the mask gives you greater freedom.(Of course don’t actually do anything here or you will be thrown out) When you meet again downstairs in the Manderley bar for drinks and cabaret keep that tension going between you and bring those masks back with you to your hotel room. Who knows what dramas you two will be able to make up?

Tantric Sensuality in Berlin

Those Germans have such a liberating approach to sex. While Berlin has a reputation of having some of the most liberal fetish clubs in Europe why not take a different direction on your weekend away in Berlin with your loved one and go for a tantric massage together.

At Kashima you can experience their tantric massage for couples. In a safe space you can completely relax and give into your desires, all with the knowledge that your partner is experiencing the same thing.It is recommended that a couple have their massages separately in different rooms, so that each can concentrate on their own experience withoutbeing distracted by their partner. The point here is that after your individual tantric massages, you and your partner meet up again (in a private space) and share your tantric healing experiences. It can bring a whole new level to your lovemaking. As a woman you can choose to have your massage done by a male or female masseuse. The massage lasts two and a half hours as it takes this long for you to completely relax and open up to its healing sexual benefits. It is incredibly erotic and yet not even remotely seedy. The masseuse is as naked as you (that is completely!) and massages you will hot oils and soft feathers covering absolutely every single inch of your body (and I mean everywhere!). Although you may orgasm it is not the aim of the massage. I promise that you will walk out of your tantric massage feeling like a goddess, and sharing your new liberated self with your lover as soon as you can.

Fetish fantasies in London

Indulge your fetish fantasies and experience the iconic Torture Garden at the Torture Garden Valentines Ball.

With plenty of enticing erotic acts to see and experience, and nine fully themed fantasy areas to choose from there is absolutely everything at the Tortures Garden Valentines ball for the brave and bold lovers. There is a strict dress code so you will be turned away if you are not wearing full fetish or fantasy costumes. The themes this year are: Love & Hate, Violent Love, Valentines Broken Hearts, Bleeding Hearts, Sacred Hearts, Love Doll, Animal Love, Lustmord, Medical Love, Boudoir Love, Voodoo Wedding Dresses, Red Fetish plus Burlesque, Berlin Kabaret, Moulin Rouge, Venice Carnival, Circus Side Show, Top Hat & Tails and Steam Punk. So if dressing up is something that turns you both on, this event is definitely for you. Remember there is no refund if you are not in dress code, and cameras and mobile phones are not allowed.

So don’t be shy, there’s something erotic here for every couple (or indeed, moresome). Or maybe this Valentine’s Day you don’t need to go anywhere but can curl up in bed together and indulge in some good literary erotica.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love Evie

Evie’s third book Surrender Yourself in the Desires Unlocked Series / Valentina trilogy is out on 30th January published by Headline. Other books in the series are Liberate Yourself (Valentina) and Lose Yourself (Valentina on the Edge.) Her short story, a prequel to the Desires Unlocked series, Unlock Yourself is available to download for free http://amzn.to/1mO0jXe


3 Copies of Surrender Yourself To Be Won

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Competition is open to UK residents only. Answers emailed to publicity@headline.co.uk. Winners to be drawn Wed 5th February and will be contacted via email.

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