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Grading on Curves

Grading on Curves is an erotic romance novel by Tara Mills, published by Beachwalk Press. It tells the story of Mia Page, a woman who’s been divorced for four years and is bringing up her son. She’s still good friends with her ex, but since their divorce she’s had no interest in men whatsoever, no dating, nothing.

But when she sees an incredibly sexy man in the local coffee shop, she can’t help but stare – and she’s not the only one. He seems to cause quite the stir among women, so Mia’s shocked when he seems to be looking back ather. After leaving the shop, she thinks about the gorgeous young man some more, fantasises about him even, but doesn’t except to see him again.

That is, until she discovers that the coffee shop man is indeed one of her son’s teachers. Curt Walden teaches science, and when the two of them bump into one another again, there’s awkwardness about the coffee shop encounter. Once again, Mia walks away feeling flustered, never thinking her attraction to the young teacher could come to anything. But then Curt asks her son, Casey, for her phone number and everything changes.

She can scarcely believe it, but Curt is massively attracted to her, too. They start spending time together and the chemistry between them is intense, but still Mia finds it difficult to let go. She can’t believe that a relationship between them would last, but eventually she gives into temptation, and hers and Curt’s relationship becomes sexual. Mia holds tightly onto her heart, desperate to keep it safe, but as their romance blossoms, she worries that the young teacher will eventually hurt her. There are just too many differences between them, the age gap, lifestyles, wants for the future… So when the two of them attend an event together, Mia’s so on edge about what people think that she unintentionally hurts Curt, chasing him out of her life.

Will she chase after him, try to make amends? Or is their romance over without having had a chance?

Grading on Curves is an excellent read. I enjoyed it very much. Everything about it felt so real – the storyline, the characters, the chemistry, the hot sex. I found myself rooting for Mia and Curt from the very beginning, hoping they could work out their differences. I’m not going to give anything away, but let’s just say if you’re a fan of erotic romances, you should definitely check out this fabulous novel. Recommended.

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