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It's Just Love

It’s Just Love is an erotic romance novella by Kate Richards, published by Beachwalk Press. It tells the story of avid surfer and skilled witch, Coral Nixie. She feels her life is pretty good – she lives just a few blocks from her beloved beach, and her beautiful home is somewhere she helps people to solve their relationship problems. It’s just a shame she doesn’t have a relationship of her own. Not the easiest thing to solve when you’re a virgin witch.

Coral’s life has a big shake up when she’s persuaded to go onto a TV show and defend her version of love therapy against Gage Middleton, author and relationship counsellor. While Coral’s methods are more vague, Gage has a specific set of “factors” which can determine whether two people will have success in a relationship. Naturally, this leads to trouble between the two – something the TV show host delights in. To cause further discomfort to Coral and Gage, the host then dares them to follow another couple on their first three dates, and use their skills to determine the couple’s future.

Despite their polar opposites – in both career choice and personality – Coral and Gage surprise themselves by discovering they’re attracted to each other. Can a hippy witch and a strait-laced relationship counsellor possibly be a good match? Will they overcome their differences and recognise love for what it is – it’s just love.

I really enjoyed this erotic romance novella. It’s an easy read with engaging, likeable characters, lots of quirky twists and turns and some unexpected results. The writing style is absorbing, light-hearted and fun, and the tale has a few laughs along the way. There’s also some smokin’ hot sex. Overall, It’s Just Love is a book I’d definitely recommend to erotic romance fans. The journey is exciting and fun, and leads to a very satisfactory conclusion.

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