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Joy Ride

Joy Ride is one of the books in the multi-author Spice Rack series from Ellora’s Cave. The Spice Rack is a sex toy with a twist – you open one of the pots of “spice” and inside is a piece of paper with a suggestion to spice up your sex life.

Joy Ride, by Lily Harlem, is the story of Kimberly and her husband, Nate. They’ve been married a while and have a young daughter, so they find quality alone time a struggle, and often resort to sex with the lights off, muffling their sounds in the duvet and pillows.

Deciding to act, Kimberly opens one of the jars and finds the instruction “love on the move.” Confused at first, Kimberly is disappointed with the spice rack and resolves to open a hotter one next time. But when the couple drop their daughter off with her grandparents for the weekend, an idea pops into Kimberly’s head, and she has to act on it, there and then. Naturally, Nate’s delighted, but the policeman that pulls them over is much less impressed. They’re arrested and thrown into the back of the policeman’s van to be transported to the station. The couple panic, wondering how the hell they’re going to explain this to whoever has to come and bail them out – and where they’re going to get the money to pay them back.

But it seems Nate’s libido has been well and truly awoken, and once again they engage in a very risky, yet sexy act. Can they get away with it this time, or are they just adding further misdemeanours to their rap sheet?

Joy Ride was a quick yet fun read. I loved the dynamic between the married couple who are still crazy for each other and prove it in spectacular style. This is a sensual, sexy book with delicious scenes of risky sex, written in Lily’s usual engaging, brilliant style.

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