Erotica: The Lesson by Blacksilk

What’s that? It’s another Wednesday? That means more Blacksilk! And we’re still going with entries from my fantasy diary series. They’re drawing to an end, so get them while you can!

In the past I’ve shown you Punishment in BlackPlaying Doctors and NursesTeaseQuick Seduction and Honey by myself, as well as XSexy-GrrSummer ShowerTomboy and Devil Girl from my ex-lover Fractal.

Today it’s another one of mine. This one is called The Lesson

Recently you were decidedly naughty, teasing me into submission with my desire for you, and I have decided that the time is right to exact my sweet revenge. I enter my room from taking a shower, wearing nothing but wrapped in a towel. You raise your head from where you are sat and the wicked fire in your eyes shows that your wilfully teasing streak of late has still not subsided. You smile coyly, slowly licking your lips as you come towards me and kiss me passionately, your arms wrapping my body. You pull back and notice a stern look in my eyes.

“Turn around” I command, and you oblige. You stand there for some minutes, your mind racing as to what I could be about to do, your ears pick up only the slight susurration of fabric. You stand for some minutes, every second wondering when I will act, the anticipation and the unknowing driving you crazy. You feel a firm hand on your shoulder then, turning you back around to face me. I am dressed strictly, my hair tied back, my glasses perched sternly, wearing an above-the-knee skirt over what seem to be exotic stockings, and a white shirt, thin enough to show just a suggestion of my nipples. I circle you once, seeming to appraise you, undress you with my eyes.

“You have been very dirty,” I say sternly, drawing closer “you have been a very bad boy.” My body is now pressed against yours, my hand stroking your crotch area as I say “You have been letting your lusts command you. But now you will follow my commands. To the letter. Or it will go so much the harder with you. Am I understood?”. You answer yes, but I am not satisfied, “you will address me as ‘mistress’”. You reply again, this time correctly.

“You need to be taught a lesson, boy,” I say, “and I will be your teacher.” I hand you a little book where our fantasies have been written and then move to sit on the bed. “Read to me, and read well.” You reply with “yes, mistress” and begin to read from the book. As you are doing this you see me undo the first few buttons of my shirt and pull up my skirt slightly, as you realise I am wearing no underwear.

One of my hands starts to caress my nipple as you read me your passionate words, the other moves slowly as I masturbate, my eyes half closed as I listen. You continue to read and are finding it harder to pay attention to the words as I writhe, small moans escaping my lips as you finish the fantasy.

I lower my skirt, but leave my shirt half-open as I stand and shake my head firmly. “Your diction is terrible, you haven’t been doing your homework, filthy boy. Your lusts are interfering and your sinful ways must be corrected. Lower your trousers a little and come over here.” When you have done so I pull out from a drawer a tie and bind your hands behind you, telling you to lean over the desk, though leaving both your behind and your sex accessible.

“I think a private lesson is in order. You are running out of chances. Please me, or face the consequences.” I explain to you that I will give you a task: you must repeat over and over a simple tongue twister until I deem you to be satisfactory. However it will not be as easy as all that. For every perceived imperfection I will punish you, striking your behind firmly with the thin cane-like object I now pull from the drawer. You start to say the phrase, and for the first couple of cycles all is going well, until I move my hand round and take hold of your sex, starting to stroke and caress it. You begin to make tiny mistakes, and each time you do I bring the cane down on your buttocks, swiftly so that the feeling is an intense mix of extreme pleasure and a sharp sting.

You struggle on valiantly but my attentions to your genitals become more focused and after a moment, I turn you away from the desk, kneel before you and start to flick my tongue along the length and tip of your sex. Soon the punishments are coming frequently as you are too busy shuddering in pleasure as I kiss and nibble gently, switching now and then to passionate sucks and strokes of my tongue. This continues until you are almost ready to climax, when I halt, and command you to do the same.

I rise, drop the cane and stroke your behind for a moment, before giving it one last sting, this time by hand. “You disappoint me. Such a very dirty, filthy boy like you does not deserve such pleasure. Why should I continue to indulge you, when even such punishments will not tame you?” I start to move away and you drop to your knees, begging. “Please, mistress, one more chance. I beg you.”

I turn back, smiling wickedly, and you know now as I untie you that I never had any intention to end things yet. “Perhaps there is one way yet that you can regain my favour. Take off your clothes.” You do so, and I command you to lie on the bed. I remove my skirt, but leave my other clothes on. I straddle you then, my warm, moist sex against your hard one. I grind you for a moment and then let you enter me. Holding your arms down I writhe on top of you, pleasuring you with my movements, until you are again close to orgasm. As you approach it I slow, and do this several times, forbidding you to come. “You are an irredeemably naughty boy. You cannot be tamed. You must be punished often. And I like it that way.” I confess. As I say this, my motions become more intense as I finally allow you to climax.

As we move together, at the height of orgasm I bite you roughly on the neck, leaving a red mark. We lie exhausted then and I tell you “You take your punishment well. You are a good student after all. And you are mine.”

© Blacksilk

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