Erotica: Tomboy from Blacksilk

Have you missed me? After a little Cliterati holiday, Blacksilk’s back with more explicit erotica and saucy sex. Let’s kick things back off with an entry from my fantasy diary series, as that always seems to go down well.

Previously I’ve given you Punishment in BlackPlaying Doctors and NursesTease and Quick Seduction from my own pen, as well as XSexy-Grr and Summer Shower from my ex-lover Fractal. How about another helping?

Here’s Tomboy

You enter the room where I am waiting and tell me to strip, slowly and erotically, for your pleasure. I do, until I am all but naked, leaving only the buttoned black shirt I am wearing on. You then tell me to kneel before you and close my eyes, which I do.

After a while you tell to open my eyes and you stand before me, dressed in trousers, braces and your tie. The braces are placed so the straps cover your nipples. You command me to rise and begin to unbutton my shirt, leaving it on me as you finish. After that, you pass me the oil with a smile. I pour some onto my hands and begin to rub it into your breasts, as I do so I kiss you passionately, then we pull our bodies tight together as I run my tongue up your neck and kiss you again and again.

I hear the zip of your trousers being undone and feel your hand guide my erect sex up against the warm, moist skin of your clitoris. We continue to kiss as our hands grip each other’s behinds, pushing each other closer and closer to the edge of climax before stopping.

I lean in to whisper, asking to pleasure you with my tongue. With your permission, I begin to kiss downward until I am at your beautiful sex. You undo your trouser button and pull your trousers down slightly and I begin. You lock your fingers behind my head and push it forward, while grinding your sex against my face.

After you’ve pleasured yourself, you tell me to stand and then push me down onto the bed. You stand over me for a moment and order me to tell you how beautiful you look as you slowly strip. I do so and you continue to strip until you are wearing nothing except the tie.

You place yourself over me and refuse to let me enter you until I have begged you enough. You continue to grind and tease me, while holding me down until I am literally begging you to let me enter you.

You slowly guide me in then. We continue for as long as possible, trying position after position. All the way through, I continually remind you, through gasps and sharp breaths, how beautiful you are and how much I need you. Once we have completely sated each other, we discuss which positions we liked the most and what we liked about them for future reference.

© Blacksilk

You can read more erotica from Blacksilk here and see more of her work, both in writing and images, on her blog Being Blacksilk.

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