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Misbehaving is a Cosmo Red-Hot Read, written by Tiffany Reisz of Original Sinners fame. It’s a novella, which is also a retelling of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. Being somewhat clueless when it comes to the bard, I just read this novella and took it on its own merit.

It tells the story of Beatriz, a woman who has two jobs – one of which is a sex blogger. She reviews books and toys and effectively gets paid to get off. Understandably, she loves her job. But when her boss gives her a last minute assignment when she’s meant to be having a few days off for her beloved sister’s wedding, she’s not happy. Especially when she discovers the assignment is to review a sex position manual. It wouldn’t be so difficult, except she doesn’t have anyone to get into those sex positions with!

On arriving for the wedding, however, Beatriz discovers that Ben, who was her “one who got away” at college is also attending. He’s single, and as drop-dead gorgeous as ever. Beatriz decides to forget the fact that five years ago he turned down her blatant offer of sex and see if he wants to help her with the book review. It seems Ben has wised up.

This was a great quick read from Tiffany Reisz. As I said, I’m just taking this novella on its own merits as a book, and I enjoyed it. It was sexy and funny, the characters were great and the sex was smoking hot. I love a good second chance story, and as the characters of Beatriz and Ben never really got over each other, it was really nice to see them being presented with that chance. But if you want to know whether they take it, you’ll have to read the book. Fun, sexy and well-written, Misbehaving is an erotic romance novella I’d recommend for anyone looking to steam up their eReader.

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