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I’ve adored all of Lily Harlem’s Hot Ice books so far, andMisconduct, the sixth in the series, is definitely no exception. Lily very skilfully tells each story about the Orlando Vipers as a standalone, but with other characters having cameos, meaning you don’t have to have read the previous books for the next to make sense, but it does give a more rounded picture. As I’ve read each book in order – for a change – this novel was simply another smokin’ hot addition to an intriguing world.

Misconduct tells the story of Gina Gunner, daughter of the owner of the Orlando Vipers. A family issue has brought Gina back from a sojourn in Paris and has put her firmly in charge of the hockey team. She’s got no experience, but she does have business sense and qualifications, so she’s happy to knuckle down and relish the challenge.

However, her job is quickly made difficult by the Vipers’ goaltender, Dustin “Speed” Reed. The cocky player seems intent on teasing Gina at every turn, making it hard for her to justify his extortionate salary. Soon, it gets too much and she needs to take a break, as well as go and check on her father. So she heads out to his paradise retreat in the Florida Keys, intending to relax and seek her father’s advice at the same time. The relaxation part is quickly scuppered when Dustin ends up going with her, also with the intention of speaking to her father. Then, when Mr Gunner has to leave temporarily, Gina and Dustin are left alone in the private retreat. The annoyance and tension between them quickly morphs into something else, and before long Gina is doing the very thing that goes most against her principles. But breaking the rules every once in a while can be fun.

Misconduct is another brilliant addition to the series. I loved the opening, right there at the heart of the action and the hints of what is to come. Both Gina and Dustin are great characters, with some fantastic dialogue and moments that had me laughing out loud – in a good way. This novel was a real page-turner with it’s great plot, fantastic characters, beautiful settings and page-melting sex. If you’re looking some smokin’ hot sports romance, then definitely check out Hot Ice. They are standalone reads, but I’d still recommend starting from book one and working your way through.

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