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The Accidental Bride is book three in the Accidental trilogy by Portia Da Costa. If you haven’t read the first two books, then I wouldn’t recommend reading this review as there will inevitably be spoilers.

Book three has loved-up couple John and Lizzie living together in the gorgeous house John purchased. They’re still having tons of fun together, and even more sex. Things are as complicated between them as ever, but they’re trying to keep it as simple as possible, otherwise. And they’re doing a pretty good job until one of John’s old flames starts sniffing around. She was a pretty big and influential part of John’s past, and her contact with John sends him into a strange state of mind, bringing bad stuff from his past rushing back. Lizzie does her best to stand by him, not ask too many questions, and hopes that everything will resolve itself in time. In the meantime, the pair continue to have incredibly frequent and kinky sex.

Eventually, the threat from John’s ex causes him to propose to Lizzie. Part of her is delighted, but another part of her can’t help but wonder if he’s asking her to marry him for all the wrong reasons. Will the wedding go ahead, or is Lizzie kidding herself. She ended up with a millionaire quite by accident – can she manage to keep hold of him?

The Accidental Bride was a great ending to a very enjoyable trilogy. I found the secondary story lines concerning Lizzie’s friends a pleasant aside from the tumultuous relationship between the main couple. It was another engaging, well-written, sexy and funny book from Portia Da Costa. So if you’re looking for a kinky, yet heart-warming story by an incredibly skilled author, then I’d definitely recommend checking out the Accidental trilogy.

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