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The Accidental Call Girl

I’ve been a huge Portia Da Costa fan for many years, so I was excited to hear that she was releasing a trilogy. I deliberately waited until the third book became available so I could read all three, back to back.

The Accidental trilogy is lauded as being an erotic romance for women with a ‘Pretty Woman’ fantasy. While I don’t have that fantasy, I do adore Portia’s work and was eager to dig in.

Book one, The Accidental Call Girl, tells the story of Lizzie Aitchison, a young woman who meets a hot older man in the bar of a hotel. She’s supposed to be at a party in one of the function rooms, but has sneaked out to the bar to have some respite. There she spots a golden-haired god. After some meaningful eye contact, the man comes over and introduces himself. Lizzie’s thrilled, until it becomes apparent that the man, John Smith, thinks she’s a high-class call girl. Part of her is mortified, but another part of her thinks that, since she’d be perfectly willing to sleep with the hunk for free, why not do it for a healthy lump of cash?

The pair get on incredibly well in the bedroom, with fun and games galore, and John asks if Lizzie will be his exclusive partner while he’s in town for a few days. She agrees, as she’s desperate to experience more of John’s special brand of lovemaking. He makes her feel things she’s never felt before, and it’s clear he’s got plenty of money, so why not go along with the charade? It’s only for a few days, after all.

It soon becomes apparent that there’s more to their dalliance than meets the eye – and Lizzie feels compelled to admit the truth about herself, since she cares about John, more than she’s willing to admit. However, it turns out he’s already well aware of her deception, and seems able to overlook it.

I don’t want to say any more and give the game away, but in summary, I adored this book. It’s typical Portia Da Costa – incredibly well-written, funny, great characters and settings, and with sex so hot I’m surprised the pages didn’t get scorched. Yes, it’s a book about a millionaire and a normal girl, but the difference is, this author’s been writing since before erotica became fashionable, and I hope she’ll still be doing it after the wave has ebbed. A seriously hot, fun and romantic read, and one that had me immediately picking up book two once I’d finished this one. Highly recommended.

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