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The Accidental Mistress

I jumped into book two of Portia Da Costa’s Accidental trilogy immediately after finishing book one. I’ve been a fan of Portia for several years and looked forward to reading this trilogy, so much so that I hung on until book three was available so I could read all three back to back.

Book one was an excellent read and a great set up for a longer tale. If you haven’t read book one, then this review might be a tad spoilery – so look away now. In The Accidental Mistress, Lizzie Aitchison, mistaken for a high class call girl by gorgeous millionaire John Smith, is now in a relationship – of sorts – with him. They’re enjoying fiery, sexy fun at every available moment, and Lizzie is besotted – John knows just how to satisfy her every need, in and out of the bedroom.

But, as is the way, things can’t be perfect forever. On the one hand, John seems equally enamoured with her, lavishing her with time, gifts and smoking hot bedroom action. But on the other hand, he just won’t open up. She learns the tiniest titbits about his past here and there, but nothing of significance, and she knows there’s so much more to her gorgeous golden millionaire. He claims to want to open up, but seems afraid of something. Either that or he just doesn’t trust her. Lizzie is determined to hang on in there, hoping to earn that trust – but as things grow increasingly complex, she begins to wonder whether she’s any more than just his mistress.

The Accidental Mistress is an excellent middle book in this trilogy. We’ve had the set up, yes, but there’s no slowing down of the action in this novel. It’s equally intriguing, sexy and fun, and I found myself flicking pages speedily to find out what happened next between these incredibly likeable characters. There are more sub-plots in this book too, and combined with the main plot, I’m expecting an explosive finale. Highly recommended.

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