Erotica: Sweet Dreams Are Made of These by Blacksilk

OK, so perhaps erotica is cheating here. This is erotic fiction of a kind, sure, but it’s not a story I ever consciously crafted. What you’re getting here is a a slice taken directly from my unconscious imagination as I share with you a sexy sapphic dream I had a few years back.

Sex dreams are fairly rare for me, two in a row rarer still, but this, this was so real. I could feel the soft matte of her skin, see the glean where she was moist, see… but I get ahead of myself.

I was at her house, picking her up for a date. A fairly important one, like the prom or something. And I was a boy or at least I was playing the role of one. I was still definitely a girl, not that gender-bending dreams are rare for me.

I was in her bathroom waiting for her to finish getting ready and she comes in, half-dressed, or should I say, half naked, midway through getting changed. She was wearing cobalt, which matched the walls, but instead of the top being around her neck it was loose, one of her perfectly smooth round breasts exposed.

She was innocent about it, or at least made a convincing portrayal of innocence, as I made eyes at her. I made my intentions pretty clear, she told me we had to do things properly, that I’d have to wait until after the dance. But I couldn’t.

I pinned her quickly, firmly but gently to the wall. I held her as my lips found their mark on her breast, the other falling free as she let go of her dress top. I kissed and licked and sucked and she wriggled and sighed and moaned. My hands explored too and all hint of protest from her had disappeared. It’s still pretty vivid now.

And then something in her flicked. She changed. She pushed out from the wall and looked me in the eyes. She told me, commanded me, to kneel. Her voice was full of power and lust and I knew I’d just released a demon with my kiss, one who’d wring every drop of energy out of me for her pleasure. And mine.

I knelt. I could do nothing else.

As I did so she raised her skirts and gently lowered her underwear.

“Lick me” she said. And her voice went straight to my core, bade me to obey.

So I did. No helping it, not that I’d have wanted to. I flicked my tongue at her sex, gently spreading her labia as she hopped up on a nearby surface, sitting. Her sex open to me, I let my tongue roam. And as I said before, the dream was so real I could see her arousal, see the pores on her reddened, glossy pussy.

I began to lick her clitoris and she shifted like a contented cat….

© Blacksilk

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