Erotica: Whip from Blacksilk

Well, here ends my fantasy diary series. When Fractal and I were reunited, we no longer wrote our fantasies down in the little back and red book. We acted them out, we talked about them, but we didn’t write them down. Now I’m with Crush, but we’ve never been apart long enough to start a diary like this.

With no more to come except this one, you may want to go back and read some from before. In the past you’ve read Punishment in BlackPlaying Doctors and NursesTeaseQuick SeductionHoney and The Lesson by myself, as well as XSexy-GrrSummer ShowerTomboy and Devil Girl from my ex-lover.

This is the last entry and it is called Whip

I hold the whip and order you to strip for my amusement, which you do. Afterwards, you dress in the blue garment you bought while I pace around you, slowly, telling you all the while what a dirty, naughty girl you’ve been and how much you deserve to be punished. I see, as I tell you all this, the wetness of your sex seep from onto the fabric of your garment and blindfold you.

After this, I lead your right hand down to your sex, all the while telling you how sexy and wild you are and how you have earned punishment and reward in equal measure, knowing you’ll relish both. As you start to touch yourself, I alternate between whipping your behind and breasts until, after you have begged long enough to climax, I order you to stop short, abruptly. I then take your hands and tie them behind your back, allowing your sex time to calm. I run a finger along it and explain, in detail, what I am going to do next.

I order you to part your legs and slowly begin gently hitting the mark of your sex. I then, after you have begged me to punish and please you harder, speed up and spin the handle to allow it to repeat, strike after strike, slowing eventually until you have sufficiently asked for permission to come.

If you haven’t had quite enough and still feel dirty enough to plead for more, I slowly untie you and get you to lean against the wall, your behind arched out so that I might whip it easily. Occasionally, I might whip under to strike your sex. Eventually, I let you bring yourself to climax and apply ice cubes gently to your behind and sex, soothing them after the punishment. I tell you what a wonderfully good student you are and remove the blindfold. Whether we get up to more then or stop depends on what you ask of me as a reward for being such a good student.

© Blacksilk

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