Book Extract: Keeping You by Mollie Blake

Keeping YouIt’s been a lovely day.” Suzy was taking her make-up off in the en-suite. She studied Lawrence as he stood naked, brushing his teeth. Her eyes scanned the muscular ripples of his slender abdomen; the firm biceps, buttocks and thighs; even his feet were beautiful. You were so created in my dreams, and now I am here with you…

He smiled at her through the foam.

She was desperate to please him.“Are you tired?” she asked seductively.

Never too tired, baby.” He wiped his mouth and replaced the brush. A wicked gleam was in his eyes. “What did you have in mind?” You’ve done enough controlling lately. Let her have a go!

She walked into the dressing room and opened the box. It was the first time either of them had referred to it since its first appearance. He leaned against the doorjamb to the bedroom, his ankles crossed and arms folded, watching her as she took two lengths of rope, running them through her fingers as she walked over to the bed. She looked over to him, serious, determined and beautiful.

I have some unfinished business with you.”

Oh?” He walked over to the bed. “Tell me, have you got your ear plugs in?” His eyebrow was raised and he licked his lips.

Oh my heart.Concentrate, girl!

Now let me think, who’s giving the orders here? Oh yes, it’s me. So, no. No earplugs. Now lie back.”

He stood, looking slightly amused.

Please!” She started to giggle.

He lay on the bed on his side, and observed her mentally measuring the lengths of the two pieces of rope. His amusement was increasing. “Can I help at all?”

No, no,” she said, trying not to laugh or appear confused. “Now, you have to remember I’ve never actually done this before, but I have been studying it.”

He had a huge grin on his face. “A theory lesson, I hope, and not a practical! How do you want me?”

She couldn’t stop giggling as she saw the look of cheerful expectation on his face. “Just lie on your front a moment. And stop distracting me. I am trying to get you all aroused and feeling sexy, and you’re making me laugh!”

Come and give me a kiss first,” he commanded.

Ear plugs!” she whispered. “Now turn over and clasp your hands together at your back, please.”

Legs together or spread?” he asked, trying not to laugh.

It doesn’t matter for a moment.” He remained quiet as she straddled his back, and bound his hands together with one piece of rope. He felt the tightness of it and the rubbing as he pulled at it gently. His hands were held fast.

His voice was now deep, husky and inviting. “You know how to tie a knot.” He arched his back, feeling her vulva on him. He tried to move his hands up to feel her, but she slipped off.

Then her cheek was at his and she whispered in her sexiest voice, “I sailed a bit with my parents, and I found tying knots very easy.”

He turned his head back to bite at her neck. “I’ll take that as a warning then.”

There was no laughter or giggling now, just erotic expectation for both of them.

Turn over and cross your ankles,” she commanded.

He rolled onto his back and saw her eyes stray to his penis. He was struggling not to get too hard just yet. Let her do it. He tried to concentrate as she bound his ankles together, watching her naked back and buttocks as she faced away from him. His senses were heightening.

Now open your knees.” He did as she instructed.

Then his eyes followed her as she went over to her bedside drawer and pulled out a red lacey thong. She stepped into it and returned to the bed. Their eyes made contact and she felt an urge to kiss him. But not yet.

She mounted his body, facing him this time, and slowly, holding his hair in her hand, she rubbed her breasts firmly over his mouth, letting him lick at her and taste her body. Then she shimmied forward, with her legs pushing lightly against his neck, and pressed her thong-covered pussy onto his mouth. He pulled at the soft cotton with his teeth, trying to get his tongue around the material to taste her. He had never been teased in this way before, and he was in ecstasy. He pulled at the rope around his wrists, and felt a burning sensation, slight enough to be highly stimulating.She lifted herself off him, with a smile that betrayed her desire to have him. Patience. It’s going so well.

She stood on the bed looking down at him as she lowered the thong and stepped out of it, and he watched with a lustful hunger as she placed a finger in her vagina and then licked it, their eyes not breaking contact. Then she lowered herself onto him again, this time facing away from him, and he could feel her lips brush over the tip of his penis, and then her mouth taking in more of him. His foreskin was pulled back, and she was doing her job brilliantly so far. He was aroused beyond belief and desperate to come. She stopped and sat up on him.

Baby, I need…” He began to move his knees together.

Apart,” she commanded, and he did as he was bidden. She turned slightly, placing one palm over his mouth, while working his penis with her other hand. She worked him slowly, insistently, using her hand, then her mouth, cupping his balls, stroking his perineum, that most sensitive part between his testicles and anus. Then she lifted her head. “Now, let me taste you.” His semen shot into her mouth, his eyes shut tight, his cry expressing the rapture of his orgasm. Quickly and efficiently she untied him, and as she began to rub his ankles he grabbed her, squeezed her to him and kissed her passionately. Within minutes, his fingers ensured she was coming in her own orgasmic joy. Neither wanted the night to end, but they were both soon consumed by a peaceful, deep sleep.

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