Toy Review: Tingly Timmy e-stim Rabbit by MyStim

MyStim Tingly Timmy

MyStim Tingly Timmy

Family-run business MyStim is fast becoming one of Cliterati’s favourite companies thanks to its humorous product names and its determination to challenge established preconceptions of sex toy design. Originally a manufacturer for medical electrical stimulation merchandise used in physiotherapy and pain management, as the years passed the realisation dawned that not all customers were using the devices as intended(!).

To fulfil this consumer call for quality electro-stim (or ‘e-stim’) items, MyStim was launched as a sexy sideline to the initial medical business, this time focussing on all things naughty and nice, electro-stim or otherwise. Taking things a step further, the team have also set up a luxury sex accessories store Petits Joujoux selling upmarket massage candles, body jewellery and high-end metal masquerade masques (for which we at Cliterati are intensely lustful).

One of our favourite G-Spot vibrators may be MyStim’s electro-stim free Bon Aparte (more of that in our forthcoming Top Three series of reviews), but it’s the Tingly Timmy with its e-stim functionality which is making waves in the Cliterati office this week. For not only is the Tingly Timmy a recognisable sex toy shape (in this case the ubiquitous Rabbit), unusually for an e-stim item it’s also covered in lovely soft silicone rather than intimidating stainless steel. See? We told you these guys were good.

But MyStim didn’t stop there with their innovative take on a traditional design: Timmy also employs a dual channel electro-stim input which charges four poles (also known as conductive surfaces): one situated on either side of the main G-spot shaft and two again on the shorter clitoral finger. This means four times the fun – but only if you have a dual channel electro-stim device, such as MyStim’s very reasonably priced Pure Vibes kit (although be aware this is only compatible with MyStim products). If you’re unsure about electro-stim you can learn more about it here, or alternatively plump for MyStim’s standard Rabbit vibrator the Danny Divido which is entirely electro-free.

If you do opt for the e-stim Tingly Timmy version, you’ll need to apply something like MyStim’s gorgeous The Goldfather electro-conductive gel (containing real 23 carat gold flakes!) to make the Tingly Timmy err, tingle better! Remember to switch on your electro handset only after the associated toys are in place against your body, as this helps you start at an e-stim level you know you can handle. Since the vagina is nowhere near as sensitive as the clitoris you’ll probably find that Timmy’s G-Spot shaft can be programmed to a healthy charge, leading to a gentle flexing of the PC muscles and the pleasurable echo of an incoming orgasm.

However, as with all Rabbits, you may have issues with Timmy’s form fitting your body properly. Whilst I found the main shaft hit every spot perfectly, the smaller clitoral finger of the Timmy proved just too short for me, resting as it did just underneath the tip of the clitoris. Had it been a standard Rabbit vibrator this would have been equally uncomfortable for any woman who prefers clitoral stimulation from above rather than from below, which many find is simply far too sensitive an angle. In fact, it’s another reason lots of ladies prefer using two toys at once, so that they can tailor-make them to fit their body, and why Rabbits with longer flexible clitoral shafts which reach above the clitoral hood before pressing down (such as Lelo’s Soraya and Swan’s Whooper) are firm industry favourites.

But since this is a sophisticated electro-stim approach rather than a clunky generic Rabbit, playing with Timmy is a different experience entirely. Switching on the second channel which charges the two poles on the clitoral finger, you might find it takes a while to find a comfortable position and that it helps to place it at one side of your clit rather than directly on it. But once you’ve found the angle that suits you and with the main shaft already humming along internally, Timmy will make you feel tantalisingly warm and thrillingly tingly. Because if you can avoid the clitoral arm occasionally slipping position and causing small shocks of discomfort, then there’s definitely the potential for a mind-blowing orgasm – and maybe even for a satisfying squirt.

Since the smaller shaft of the Tingly Timmy is advertised for anal as well as clitoral use, when you turn it 180 degrees you may discover this is where the toy comes into its own, with no pain just gain – and lots of it. Giving a good idea of what the electro-stim Rabbit is intended for clitorally, any previous accidental clitoral agony can be magicked into anal ecstasy with one quick rotation, and with your favourite vibrator applied to your clit (having not yet tested any of MyStim’s normal vibrators, Cliterati recommends Lelo’s Mona 2) you’re in for an electro-climax unlike any other orgasm you’ve ever experienced.

Indeed, the Tingly Timmy is an amazing piece of e-stim engineering, and its dimensions may not have fitted me perfectly but then few Rabbits do. However, if you’re someone whom Rabbit vibrators do suit, or you like the sound of something a little different and are prepared to adapt, then this baby may well work well for you: the Timmy really is impressive in its design and conception.

In future it would be great if MyStim could design a reflective counterpart to the Timmy, where the main shaft curves in the opposite direction so that it targets the G-spot as well as the anus (currently Timmy just misses the G-spot when used back to front). It would also benefit from a longer and more flexible clitoral finger – for me, anyway!

Either way Cliterati is now holding out for MyStim’s awe-inspiring Terrific Truman, which uniquely combines vibrations with electro stimulation to pleasurably train your pelvic floor, ably vibrating, pulsating and tingling with no e-stim handset needed – surely a thing of greatness. Watch this space!

Tingly Timmy is available from MyStim for €79.80

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