Erotica: Sequinned Touch by Cheeky Minx

100_Sequinned Touch

Self-portrait courtesy of Cheeky Minx
© Love Hate Sex Cake

And still, for you I fall.

Unable to resist, unable to hold firm, I plunge into the forbidding void between us, into the carnal promise of your waiting flesh, into the words spoken, screamed and whispered, into the words etched not only on my mind but also on the body, the body of this desire, this dangerous want, this feminine passion as it lives and breathes, as it tears me to easy shreds from within, as it dances on the trembling surface, taunting, inciting, leading my hands in their need to clutch, to slither underneath, to glide along the hot and slick and aching velvet, to finger the sex moaning your name in a vain attempt of replication, an imitation of your sequinned touch.

© Cheeky Minx

You can read more erotica by Cheeky Minx at her blog Love Hate Sex Cake, along with her poetry and self-portraiture.

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