Books: The Last Good Knight #1 Scars and Stripes by Tiffany Reisz


The Last Good Knight is a novella told in five parts, but I believe you can also buy the parts in a single book, too. This first book, Scars and Stripes, is a tale of Mistress Nora that fills in some of the blanks of what happens when she leaves Soren.

At the 8th Circle, the underground kink club, Nora’s busy having fun and being her usual sexy, sassy self when she meets a newcomer to the club. Lance is ex-military, and something about him attracts her immediately – and she doesn’t just want to dominate him.

Submissive Lance willingly follows Nora to her dungeon, but as they’re just getting stuck into some seriously sexy fun, they’re interrupted. There’s an emergency – Nora’s boss, Kingsley Edge, notifies all his workers that they’re in danger.

I can’t say any more without giving away spoilers, so I won’t. But let’s just say this is a fantastic introduction to another story about the incredibly popular Nora and her friends. I was immediately taken by Lance, and wanted to know more about him and what brought him to the 8th Circle. The scene in Nora’s dungeon is supremely hot and gives away a great deal about both Lance and Nora. The story is in Reisz’s usual inimitable style, and will have you madly flicking pages to find out what happens next – and when you get to the end, you’ll immediately grab your copy of part two. Highly recommended.

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