Books: The Last Good Knight #2 Sore Spots by Tiffany Reisz


Sore Spots is part two of The Last Good Knight novella, which is available in five parts, or as one novella.

I can’t really review this without giving spoilers to those who haven’t read the first part – so I’ll have to say, if you haven’t read part one, don’t continue reading this review! You’ve been warned ;)

After being summoned by Kingsley, Nora rushes to his house to find out what’s going on, and is confronted by the shocking news that one of their own has been attacked, and the potential stalker is on the loose. Kingsley is concerned for all his staff’s safety, and hires a bodyguard to protect Nora on her assignments. She’s not happy about this – particularly when that bodyguard turns out to be Lance, and Kingsley has forbidden her to sleep with the ex-SEAL. Frustrated, Nora ends up running into the arms – and bed – of the one man she’s sworn to leave behind.

This was an interesting, yet surprising, part of the story. It gives us a real insight into Nora’s needs, wants and hopes, and the kinky aspects of her personality. I found myself feeling sorry for her in this section, particularly as she’s a woman used to getting exactly what she wants. Still, this story was super hot, intriguing, and left off making me immediately want to jump into part three and find out what the talented Ms Reisz had in store for her characters next.

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