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The fifth and final section of The Last Good Knight novella,The Last Good Night (yes, without the K) wraps up the action very nicely. If you haven’t read the previous four sections of this novella, I wouldn’t recommend continuing to check out this review, as there will be inevitable spoilers. You have been warned…

Nora is in a dilemma. She’s pretty much come to the conclusion that she adores Lance and would like to keep him on a permanent basis, and she’s sure that he feels the same. But Lance has a problem, a very important problem, one that Nora believes she can help him with, by way of her contacts. She’s breaking rules by exploiting these contacts, but to her, it’s utterly worth it. When, however, she discovers that in order for Lance to sort out that element of his life, it means she’ll lose him forever, she’s not so sure she’s made the right choice.

This was the most heart-rending portion of the story. I liked Lance instantly, and despite the fact he and Nora only get a novella, rather than a full length novel, I enjoyed the developments between them and rooted for them the entire time. The Last Good Night was filled with emotion and seriously hot sex, and I was disappointed when it ended. I would have loved much more of this part of Nora’s life, but having read this five-part novella, I can see why it was not to be. Overall, a highly recommended read for Reisz and The Original Sinners fans.

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