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The Tease

The Secrets of Sarah-Jane: 1. The Tease combines hot, saucy erotica and action thriller, in a fast-paced story that introduces the sexy assassin’s assistant Sarah-Jane Winchester, and her amorous friend Maria Gorrochachega.

When her guardian aunt catches young Sarah-Jane in bed with Uncle Steven she gets packed off to the Elysium, a strict finishing school hidden away on a Cornish moor.  There she meets the sinister Hilda Meyer, who plans to lure Sarah-Jane into Aunt Cynthia’s growing on-line porn empire.  But there’s hope for our heroine, in the lively form of fellow-inmate Maria, who persuades Sarah-Jane to join her and her cousin, professional assassin Misha Mashal, in a new and exciting life of sexy adventures…

The Sarah-Jane stories started life as sweet-but-naughty nothings whispered by my partner-in-crime, John.  We began writing his rather random (but raunchy) ramblings down so I could provide vital editorial input…  The result is now on Amazon Kindle, polished up a bit for a wider audience.  We don’t expect anyone to share our fantasies in every detail, but maybe they’ll prompt other couples to explore their own?  Anyway, hopefully people will enjoy reading about Sarah-Jane’s perils, the range of ‘baddies’ we dreamed up for her to come up against (forgive the pun!), and the friends and lovers she meets along the way.

I don’t want to give away too much of the plot, but Maria Gorrochachega is a central character who acts as all three – ‘baddy’, friend and lover – at different points in the story.  She’s from the wild, independent Basque Country of northern Spain, with a character to match.  Her straight-laced family condemn her to the Elysium College after she’s caught in bed with another girl on holiday in Cornwall – that’s Maria’s first time out of the closet, and the family isn’t amused.  Luckily her cousin Misha, a former Red Brigades terrorist and now a contract assassin, wants her to work for him, so he comes to Cornwall to fetch her – but not before Maria meets cheeky, blonde Sarah-Jane.

Maria is smitten, especially when she discovers that Sarah-Jane has worked for her Aunt as a part-time lingerie model and has the photos and clothes to prove it…  And it’s while they’re enjoying a fairly innocent bit of ‘dress-up’ that nasty tutor Hilda Meyer arrives at Sarah-Jane’s bedroom door.  Maria’s soon hiding in a wardrobe while Meyer discovers Sarah-Jane’s forbidden choice of clothing below her regulation college coveralls.

This is where we learn some interesting things about Maria and Sarah-Jane.  Sarah-Jane’s secretly a bit of a show-off – an exhibitionist, even – enjoying the reaction her pert figure provokes in men and women.  And recently she’s taken this a bit further than usual, teasing a middle-aged male helper at a fashion-shoot.  Fat George is another central character – an assistant to Sarah-Jane’s Aunt, George runs the lucrative on-line adult side of the business.  Sarah-Jane took advantage of his obvious lust earlier in the story, leading him on a merry chase though London’s Underground.  Now he’s at the Elysium to help Hilda introduce the errant Sarah-Jane to the world of on-line erotica… which he reckons she’ll enjoy more than she makes out.

Meanwhile, Maria’s sweating it out in her wardrobe hide-out.  Maria loves to watch – certainly, to watch Sarah-Jane’s evident arousal as her ordeal progresses.  But all too soon cousin Misha frees the girls, and whisks them away to a new world of sexy adventures that takes them from Bilbao to Rio, via the sun-drenched beaches and throbbing clubs of Tobago.  Maria’s voyeuristic side comes to the fore as she encourages Sarah-Jane to lure Misha’s targets to their doom, bringing a string of powerful, evil men to a variety of sticky ends…

John and I have had a lot of fun guiding Sarah-Jane and Maria through a fairly turbulent relationship, and it hasn’t always been easy to predict how they’ll react to the rather bizarre world they’re thrown into.  Maria’s based – physically at least – on a good friend in the beauty business.  I guess Sarah-Jane is physically John’s fantasy, which luckily isn’t very far from myself!  As for her exhibitionism… well, John plays drums so I guess he’s at least secretly a bit of a show-off.  And would I get off on the sort of naughtiness our Sarah-Jane secretly enjoys?  Now that really would be telling!

Please visit our web-site for further details, and to leave comments via the Contacts page.  We’re still writing the third book in the series, and we’ll welcome (and possibly use) any ideas you have on how Maria and Sarah-Jane might enjoy themselves – and each other – even more as their story develops.

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  • John Cater commented on September 16, 2014 at 17:54

    Can you add a link to the Amazon Kindle websites (UK and US) where we can buy the Secrets of Sarah-Jane books?

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