Erotica: Birthday treats…

I’m searching for a clean coffee cup in the back of the cupboard when the doorbell rings. You’re standing outside with a box in your arms. When I get to the door, you hold up the box and mouth “Happy Birthday!” through the glass.

After a hurried search for keys I let you in. “Perfect timing, I’ve just made coffee.”

“And I’ve got you a birthday cake” you reply with a smile “looks like it’s a coffee and cake morning.”

I close the door and follow you into the kitchen, trying not to be too obvious while admiring your ass. In the kitchen I search the cupboard, desperately hoping that I have a pair of clean coffee cups and won’t need to raid the dishwasher. “Give me a second, I’m sure there are some cups hiding at the back”

“That’s okay” you respond. “Why don’t you open your present first?”

I turn round and see that you’ve shed your coat and are wearing a wrap-around dress, with a wide sash circling your waist and tied in an elaborate bow at the front. You give me a slightly coy look while playing with the free end of the sash.

I’m starting to guess that my admiring looks were rather less subtle than I had hoped.

I pull the proffered end of the sash and the bow unravels letting your dress fall open, exposing a sliver of flesh. I slide the dress off your shoulders and it falls into a puddle of cloth around your feet. You kick off your shoes, step out of the forgotten garments and walk over to the kitchen table, pulling out a chair. “The chair’s for you” you say, perching on the edge of the table. I sit: to be honest it’s a relief as my legs are trembling with a mix of surprise and lust.

You put your feet onto my knees and turn to the box you brought and open it. “Now for that cake!” You dip your fingers into the box and scoop out a portion of sticky chocolate cake, then smear it round your already hard nipple. “There. So much better than a plate wouldn’t you say?” I don’t say anything, I’m already starting to stand up but you stretch out a leg and plant your foot against my chest. “Down boy, I’m not finished yet!” You scoop out another portion of cake and slowly and deliberately coat your other nipple. Your fingers dip into the cake a third time and this time you use the sticky chocolate to coat your pussy then, with a blissful sigh, slip your fingers inside. As you do, you slide your foot down my chest to stroke my all too obvious erection. “I think it’s about time you lost some of those clothes.” I almost knock the chair over in my eagerness to comply, discarding my jeans and top. You smile a wicked smile and slowly ease your fingers out of your pussy and lick them clean. “Not bad. But I really like cream with my chocolate.”

You drop down from your perch on the table, put your hands on my shoulders, guide me back to the chair and then straddling me you slowly lower yourself, guiding my cock into your pussy. The table is close enough that you can lean back on it, arching your back and pushing your breasts towards me. I run my hands up your back, supporting you as I lean forward and take your nipple into my mouth. It’s already excited but hardens more against my eager lips and tongue as I suck and lick every scrap of chocolate from you. I use my teeth to scrape up the last morsels and you moan in pleasure at their touch. You run your hand up my back and neck, twining your fingers through my hair and pushing my head down to meet your breast. As I move my mouth to your other nipple your moans become more pronounced and you rake your nails down my back and grind your pussy hard onto my cock, making you taste all the sweeter. When I sit back up your face and chest are flushed with excitement.

“That was wonderful, but it’s not really a birthday cake without candles.”

You dig into the box again and bring out one large candle and a box of matches; lighting the wick you hold the candle between our faces until the hot wax starts to dribble down. You arch your back again and raise the candle, tipping it until a bead of molten wax falls and hits your nipple. You gasp and a shudder runs through your body, your pussy tightening round my cock. A second molten bead drops onto your other nipple and your body convulses again making me gasp as your muscles contract around me.

Sitting upright you put your free hand over my eyes and leaning forward whisper “your turn” in my ear. You gently push, arching my head and shoulders over the back of the chair. My nose fills with the smell the burning wax and tremble in anticipation.

I’m almost ready to back out when the wax hits. I’m not sure what I was anticipating but it wasn’t this. When the wax hits, there’s a fraction of a second of heat and pain then a burst of endorphins in the back of my head and a near electric jolt runs through my body making me jerk back in the seat gasping for breath.

“Again?” you ask.

“Hell yes” I manage hoarsely.

A second splash of hot wax hits and my head swims with another rush of endorphins and my body tingles, every nerve more alive. I have to bite my lip to prevent myself climaxing from the suddenly heightened sensation and arousal.

When my head clears, you have the candle held up in front of my face “now blow it out and you can make a wish”.

“I think that any more wishes would probably just be greedy” I just about manage “why don’t you take it?”

“Oh, don’t you worry about me” you respond “I’m going to get my wish.”

I blow out the candle and you toss it onto the floor. “Well now I get my wish.” You slowly stand up, easing my cock out of your pussy and then run your hands down my thighs. When you reach my knees, you ease them apart and kneel down between them. Leaning forward you use the tip of your tongue to lick the traces of melted chocolate from my thighs. You run your tongue with teasing slowness up my cock, taking your time to lick up every crumb of chocolate. By the time you reach the top of my cock, I’m at fever pitch. You swirl your tongue round my head lapping up my pre-cum then, sweeping back your hair so you can watch my face, you start to take my cock into your mouth. The warm wetness of your mouth and your teasing tongue is too much for me and by the time your lips are half way down my shaft I can’t hold out any more and my body shudders in an ecstatic orgasm as you hungrily drink me dry.

“Delicious!” you say licking your lips and then sitting on my still shaky lap, you your arms round my neck and kiss me, filling my mouth with the taste of chocolate and musk. I put my arms round your waist and pull you closer, when I’ve got both my breath and coherence back I ask “So, do I get to keep my birthday present?”

You smile and kiss me again “I really hope so.”

I run my fingers down your stomach till I reach the sticky chocolate between your legs. “I suppose we should think about cleaning you up a bit”

You raise an eyebrow and ask innocently, “any ideas on how to do that?”

“Well” I say “it’s good cake, it would be a shame to waste it” and your smile grows wider…

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  • What a brilliant, original story! I thoroughly enjoyed that and am off to look for more of your writing! Well done!

  • Scox commented on February 23, 2015 at 15:42

    Thank-you very much – I’m glad you enjoyed it! I have a couple more stories onsite and I’m working on the next Simon and Ida story at the moment so you should have something new to read soon!

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