Erotica: In Softness by Cheeky Minx

86_In Softness

Self-portrait courtesy of Cheeky Minx
© Love Hate Sex Cake

The day breaks in softness, its hushed tones and muted voices merging with the memory of the night and its darkly wanton edges, enveloping the curves feminine, whispering to my sensual passions, to the woman reaching out, arching up, longing to receive your touch.

And once you meet me, once your hands finally unearth me, once they ease this suppleness open, once your caress begins to know, my body trembles, shivers, moves from order into chaos, overtaken by its yearning to shatter all boundaries between us, to feel you melt into this velvet ache, into the skin always desperate and impatient for the sweet burn of your kiss.

© Cheeky Minx

You can read more erotica by Cheeky Minx at her blog Love Hate Sex Cake, along with her poetry and self-portraiture.

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