Book Extract: Blue Mondays by Emily Dubberley


After meeting Ben on the underground, and returning his dropped wallet, Lucy is rewarded with breakfast in Kensington Roof Gardens. The romantic surroundings and obvious chemistry between them soon sees things heating up…

Ben took Lucy’s hand and led her through a doorway covered with climbing leaves -“The entrance to the Tudor gardens – my personal favourite. But you want flamingoes, so flamingoes you shall have.”
Ben led Lucy to a hump backed bridge over a lake. “And you doubted my word.”
Sure enough, as Lucy walked up the bridge, there were flamingoes splashing in the rooftop lake to either side of her. “They’re beautiful.”
“So are you,” Ben said.

Lucy felt the heat rise in her cheeks once more – but now it seemed to be rising elsewhere too. Ben reached for her hand and she happily let it slot into his, realising her whole hand fitted into his palm. It felt comfortable, secure.

He led her back to the Tudor Garden. “Ever since I first came here, when a mate started cheffing for them, I’ve thought this was the best bit. What do you think?”
“Well, the other garden’s got flamingoes. That takes quite a lot of beating.”
“The Tudor Gardens have their own benefits though.”

Ben led Lucy through another doorway and she realised she was standing in a walled garden, totally hidden from view of the building. “It’s certainly very pretty. So what benefits does it have?” Lucy asked.
“Privacy. You don’t strike me as a particularly public person and I’d hate to do anything to embarrass you.”

Lucy felt more confident as it became more obvious that Ben wanted her as much as she wanted him. “And what would we need privacy for?”
She took a step towards him and looked up.
“This.” Ben tilted his head and his lips gently touched Lucy’s, warm and firm.

He waited until he felt her relax under his touch before deepening the kiss, pulling her closer to him and sliding his tongue into her mouth. His lips seemed to mirror Lucy’s own: she didn’t feel as if she was being kissed but instead that she was part of a kiss. She moved against him unselfconsciously, feeling his hands against the small of her back, fingertips tracing delicate patterns against her skin; then stroking her neck; then softly trailing down her face.

A moan escaped from Lucy’s lips as Ben pulled her closer, thigh slipping between her own, creating a delicious friction against her clit. Lost in the moment, Lucy rocked her pelvis against him, feeling his hardness press ever more insistently against her. Ben’s hands were now roaming freely over her back, tangling in her hair, moving down to her buttocks, squeezing firmly as if giving her a massage rather than simply copping a feel.

Lucy’s tongue clashed with Ben’s as she breathed in his scent, feeling her head swim at the masculine aroma – and the sizeable erection now pressing against her. As they kissed, Ben’s thigh maintained its relentless pressure against her clit. Lucy found herself rocking against him as they kissed, faster and faster, falling deeper and deeper into the moment until she felt a tell-tale tingling. ‘No!’ she thought, but it was too late. The orgasm was building and there was no way Ben was going to move his thigh before it hit.

Lucy kissed him deeply, tongue probing his mouth hard, hoping to distract him from the twitches of her body as her clitoris exploded and she came, hard. Her pussy pulsed against his thigh and she only hoped her wetness didn’t show through her pale skirt.

She pulled away, gasping slightly. Ben looked at her, pupils so large she could barely see his irises. Lucy looked back, face flushed, unsure of what to do next – of whether Ben realised what had happened. “So, I’m hoping you don’t mind that I kissed you?” Ben said.
Lucy smiled. “I’m certainly glad you picked somewhere discreet.”


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