Book Extract: The Reunion by Adam Sawyer

NINE cover twoAs the train pulled into Manchester station it felt good to be back in the city where I’d been to university. I’d kept in touch with some of my uni friends, but mostly on email. Karen and I hadn’t seen each other in all that time. We’d been good friends as students: not only did we both take sociology, we were both on the same wavelength. We’d both got into the rave scene, both written for the student newspaper (I did reviews and she took photos); and both shared the same sense of humour.

We clicked in all but one area – we’d never dated. Although I really fancied her, it was obvious she didn’t feel the same about me. We’d had a couple of drunken snogs at parties or in nightclubs, I had asked her out but she had always given me the impression she wasn’t interested in me like that.


I’d emailed Karen a few weeks before my trip and we’d agreed to meet for dinner. When she arrived at the Italian restaurant, she was dressed sensibly for the cold October night in a warm coat and scarf. When we took our seats at a window table, she took off her coat to reveal a short, black dress and I saw her smiling face framed by her strawberry blonde hair. I fancied her again instantly.

We caught up on the last decade over red wine and Vongole a la Milanese and found we still had a lot in common. She was still funny (well, I laughed at her jokes) and the ten or so years in between had given her an air of something, a hint of something sexy and alluring in a new, mature way I’d not remembered seeing before.

After dinner we’d headed to a bar but by 11 o’clock we both had enough of shouting over the loud music and Karen said it was time for her to get a cab home. I walked her to the taxi rank.

Well take care,’ I said and gave her a hug. She squeezed me tight. As she pulled back, she stopped and looking into my eyes firmly, went to kiss me. We closed our eyes and exchanged a slow intense kiss which was suited to somewhere more intimate than a street corner in the centre of Manchester on a cold Wednesday night.

Adam?’ she started coyly, ‘could I come back to your hotel?’

Fuck, yes. But are you sure?’ (Whoa, where did that come from?)

Look. I’ve thought about you a lot in the last whatever years. I always wondered, what if?’

Really? But you never showed any interest like that in me.’

Well I was with Tom remember for most of it, or you were always shagging someone.’

Ah yes. I now just about remember Tom. Very bland and boring. No wonder I couldn’t recall him at first.

We walked back towards the hotel and I put my arm around Karen’s waist to keep her warm. On the outside I stayed calm, but on the inside I was buzzing: I’d had feelings for Karen for ages, after all these years of waiting, something was finally going to happen. Would it be worth the wait?

Back to the hotel, we took the lift to the fifth floor and I invited her into my room. ‘Wow, nice space,’ she said throwing her coat over one of the chairs. It was a smart room, quite funkily furnished with mirrored cabinets down one side and a chaise longue in the corner.

She sat down on the bed. ‘Hey come here you,’ she whispered. I sat alongside her, and as we both turned to each other I kissed her on the lips.

Help me with my zip.’

I unzipped the back of the black dress and dropped it off her shoulders. Underneath she was wearing an all-in-one sheer black body, like something I’d seen in American Apparel. Karen looked fantastic. ‘You look so fucking sexy,’ I told her.

Stand up so I can see you,’ I told her and she stood, letting the dress drop to the floor, revealing nothing but this sheer body through which her ample breasts pressed against the fabric, showing her erect nipples. Her strawberry blonde hair fell over her shoulders.

In turn, she unbuttoned my shirt and kissed my neck. I bent to take her nipple in my mouth through her bodysuit and she reacted by touching my cock through my jeans.

She lay down on the bed, and put her arms over her head. I exhaled as I took in the sight of her: Karen now stretched out on the bed, the fabric of her bodysuit taught over the swelling of her large breasts. She lay there with anticipation, biting her lip and giving me a direct, longing look.

I paused.

I’ve waited so long for this moment.’

Well hurry the fuck up please Adam.’

Kneeling next to her I closed my eyes and bent to kiss first her left and then her right nipple through the mesh of her bodysuit. I slowly and tenderly traced a line to her navel with my tongue, first kissing her mound, grazing her clit with my tongue. She was still wearing the bodysuit, and its sheerness meant I could explore her with my mouth, without impeding any sensations. I then gently pulled the fabric to one side. She moaned as she stretched out, glimpsing a view of herself in the mirrored cabinets.

I gave her a firm but slow lick, first up and then down over her pussy. Her wetness glistened enticingly in the low light of the hotel room and tasted so good. I was lost in total concentration, feeling giddy with intense arousal as my cock throbbed through my pants. After a while bent between her legs, I returned to kiss her lips, first gently and then more hungrily as we exchanged a very passionate kiss.

I want to see your dick now Adam,’ she said suddenly and stood up to lay me on my back, unbuckling my jeans which she pulled down over my feet. As she got up, I could see the back of her in the mirror, the g-string of her bodysuit showing off her round bum cheeks. Her hands felt the fabric of my pants as she slowly took back the waistband and finally liberated my erection. My cock responded with an urgent pulse, raising higher, a steady constant stream of pre-come coming from my helmet. She pulled my pants down and kissed my shaft, placing gentle kisses all the way down. She then gripped the base of my cock and held me upright whilst parting her lips to greet my helmet as she effortlessly took my length into her mouth. I trembled from the combination of her lips tight around my veins as her tongue licked around the shaft. She was on all fours over me now, her large breasts still encased in the bodysuit, yet sweeping them over me, her bum raised in the air as she built a steady rhythm of sucking. As she got more into it, I held her hair out of her face so I could watch her expression.

It felt good, too good.

Karen, if you carry on, I’m going to come’.

She stopped sucking and released my cock, leaning forward to kiss me on the lips. Shifting position she moved to straddle me, reaching down to unpop the fastener between her legs and then sat squarely onto my cock. We both exhaled as we felt the penetration – gasps from both of us, as the smooth side of my cock pushed up against the walls of her cunt. It felt amazing.

As she sat on top of me, Karen started moving up and down on my cock. ‘I think we’ve waited long enough for this fuck,’ she said. Nodding, I reached up and peeled the straps down so her breasts were free, caressing them and stroking her nipples.

It was as if we were long-term lovers, the chemistry instant, as if we both knew what each other wanted. I shifted the emphasis and brought my legs up slightly so I could take control and thrust from beneath her, quickening the pace and bringing my pelvis up to pump her deeply while she reached down to touch her clit. First she licked her fingers and then moved them down, where she started massaging the wetness in and around her pussy.

I thought she was going to come, but I was wrong.

Do you know how I really like it?’ she said, looking down at me.

And then without waiting for an answer continued, ‘I like it on all fours’.

Let me take you over there,’ I said, gesturing to the chaise longue in the corner of the room. As she stood to walk over to it she pulled the bodysuit down and finally stepped out of it. My cock delighted to see her naked body as she bent over the chaise longue on all fours. She looked so amazing like that and as I took up position behind her, with her on all fours in front of me, she turned her face to me and gave me an intense look, one that only lasted a second but one that communicated desire and longing. A look that seemed to sum up that all of this was about twenty years overdue.

As my cock entered her she reacted by bucking her arse against me. I teased her arsehole with my finger and gently pressed the entrance to her tight hole. As I pressed a little more, I felt her hole relax and aided with the sweat and warmth of our bodies, I found my finger entered with ease and as she bucked back against me further, she took my finger up to its second knuckle.

Adam! Oh…. you naughty boy,’ she panted. Now I could sense she was really close to coming, trembling as she braced herself against the upholstery.

She turned her head to me once more, her face flushed, perspiring, her strawberry blonde hair clung around her face and neck. She looked beautiful. And just before she looked away I saw the tell tale signs as her eyes displayed a look of surprise, her jaw widening, barely able to contain her climax.

With both hands I gripped the sides of her waist and focused on maintaining a slow, steady rhythm as I felt something rise in me. With each thrust I could feel my balls slap against her backside, and I shuddered from the intensity of my deep and satisfying penetration. Karen and I had created an unstoppable momentum that had only one conclusion, a mind blowing climax (well it was the release of 20 years’ pent up passion) for both of us.

She cried out with a guttural moan, her skin pimpled and flushed pink. Clasping the chaise longue with both hands, she moaned with pleasure as an orgasm coursed through her. ‘Oh… my… god…’, she cried at the top of her voice as the climax took over her body.

And that was the trigger of the point of no return for me. I surrendered myself to the chemistry of “us”, of me and Karen, fucking at last. My muscles tensed, I bit my lip hard as I felt my cock surge. I knew this was going to be great. I looked over to to see Karen’s hands splayed out in front of her, head to one side, her eyes connecting with me through hair tumbled over her face.

Adam, god… You’ve got to come for me now,’ she instructed.

That was my cue. I felt the first spurt leave me and then another, and then another in quick succession as I continued to fuck back and forth.

The feeling was just amazing. And then a surprise, a further wave of ejaculation and a mind blowing orgasm to match as my juices flooded her.

We slowed down, as I finally withdrew my cock from her. Returning to the bed, we collapsed alongside each other.

Well, I never expected that,’ I said turning towards her as I regained my breath.

You didn’t?’ she asked, slightly incredulously. ‘What, did you really think I’d usually wear a sexy bodysuit on a Wednesday night?!’

I smiled to myself. Yes, it had been worth the wait.

The Reunion’ is one of nine stories in Adam Sawyer’s new book for Kindle, NINE: Real-life erotic stories for women

You can follow Adam on Twitter @adamthewriter

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  • Ken commented on October 8, 2014 at 03:45

    That’s good. It completely makes sense about taking someone on you’ve had in your mind for years. Nice work.

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