Toy Reviews: Double Your Pleasure Range

Rabbit metal siliconeShiny things are always welcome at Cliterati, so when a box full of metal and silicone toys arrived for us, free, from Ann Summers, it was a great start to the day. The new ‘Double Your Pleasure‘ range is the world’s first premium metal and silicone toy collection and it lives up to its premium label (without premium price tags to match).

The range comprises ‘The Metal One‘ (£50) – a metal-shafted rabbit with super-smooth and pliable silicone bunny ears; ‘Metal and Silicone Dildo‘ (£30) – alternating beads of metal and silicone and designed for use either anally or vaginally; the ‘Metal and Silicone Butt Plug (£22); and the Metal and Silicone Cock Ring (£30).A little more originality in the names would have been good but the toys, ‘do what it says on the tin’.

Of the range, only the rabbit vibrates – but my, does it do so with intensity. Though it’s not quite at Magic Wand levels, the metal makes for a big buzz – and with three speeds and seven pulses to choose from, there’s variety too (though I’ll confess to being rather hooked on the pedestrian constant setting at its highest whack.) Even at its highest level, the vibrations are impressively quiet for the power.

The dildo may be designed for dual use, but its size made me opt purely for vaginal penetration. The contrast between cool metal and warmer silicone makes for an unusual sensation, encouraging my muscles to grip it – making slow removal all the more pleasurable. Great for G-spot stimulation, it’s easy to angle exactly where you want it: ideal if you fancy trying female ejaculation.

The butt plug was less intimidating, coming to a soft point that made entry easy (with lube, of course: I opted for oil based though water based would work too. Just remember silicone lube should never be used with silicone toys). The silicone made entry easy, and feeling the cool chill of metal was an interesting way to keep track of how far it had gone – though there was no way it was going all the way (that said, it’s not huge- but probably better suited for those who enjoy regular anal play). However, it was a great way to warm up prior to anal sex, and, as it has a flared base, there were no worries about getting it stuck. The suction cup is an added bonus, should you fancy playing with it solo.

The cock ring is generously enough proportioned to fit the larger man – with a little stretching (ahem) – and the metal tip presses into the perineum, which kept him super-hard throughout.

In all, the Dual Sensations range is a sophisticated and elegant range – and great quality silicone, particularly given the price. Throw off any image you have of Ann Summers being about hen nights and penis-shaped straws: their latest collection is pure class.

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