Toy Reviews: We-Vibe 4 Plus by Suzanne Grange


I was sent this toy for free to review, though I’d had my eye on it for a while. Currently £127.99 on If you have the cash, it’s worth splashing out.


The We Vibe 4 Plus differs from the previous 3 models in its range of settings and its controllability.

The vibe comes with a standard remote control which neatly fits into the case, which also acts

as the usb-powered charger for the vibrator itself, via direct contact (there are no plug holes

on the vibrator body). The case is discreet and nothing rattles about, and there is no danger of

accidentally switching the vibrator on in transit. Though a charging cable is supplied, it does not

come with a power plug. My only concern with the case is that it is not ventilated, so you need

to be sure that the vibrator is clean and completely dry before storage. Charging is pretty fast (4

hours) and after several uses totalling a few hours, I have not had to recharge it yet.


The vibrator consists of two vibrating heads: a larger one which rests against the clitoris, and a

smaller one designed to stimulate the g-spot once inserted. The two are joined by a flexible arm

which opens up quite a long way and should fit most people. The great advantage of the vibrator is

that once it is in place, it is ‘hands free’, and has been designed such that standard intercourse is

not hindered. The surface is smooth, safe silicone.


The remote controls the intensity and five of the vibration patterns of the We Vibe 4+: standard

Vibrate, Pulse, Echo (where the two heads alternate), Wave (a slow pulse) and Tide (slow pulse

but with the two heads alternating). The ‘bonus modes’ available via the app are Crest, Bounce,

Surf, Peak, and Cha-Cha-Cha (not making it up). You can send a link to your partner(s) to allow

them to control your We Vibe app with their own smartphone, though the app is currently only

available in iPhone and Android, a great disappointment to my partner who can’t ‘phone my

foof’ with his Windows phone. We couldn’t try this out, but I do hope that you can customise the

messages – ‘Your lover wants to pleasure you’ just made us cynics both giggle. Also included is

The We-Book of Delights, a hints-and-tips promotional e-book with some cute drawings (mostly

hetero suggestions, but a few lesbian and solo).You can also create your own pattern within

the app, and program a timeline of vibration patterns and intensities, if you have the time and

patience.This would be very useful if you didn’t want to be reaching for your smart phone while

your hands were slippery/sticky – we used the remote as I didn’t mind if one of us accidentally

knocked that off the bed. The vibe can only be paired with either the app (Bluetooth) or the remote,

not both simultaneously, but it is a simple process to switch between the two. I would say its noise

level is average, though I don’t have any small children to wake up. It didn’t disturb the dogs.


I played with the We-Vibe 4+ by myself first, to get used to it, as the instructions recommend. In

the hand it feels very strong, but once inserted it is not quite as intense. It is fairly easy to insert,

though it does feel a little odd to begin with. The manual says to use a little lube before insertion on

the internal head – depending on your body chemistry I recommend not using too much, as I rolled

over and it pinged out, which rather took me by surprise. I did need to keep a hand on it while

using it on my own. I prefer a strong level of vibration, so I kept the intensity quite high, and I didn’t

notice a great deal of difference between the middle levels of intensity. If this is your first powerful

vibe, you will probably want to start with the lower intensities and see how you go. I orgasm solo

very easily with a vibrator, so the patterns and intensities were fine for me (my favourite is a Fun

Factory LAYAspot, and the intensity was similar to the high setting on that). The internal stimulator

was not quite in the right place for me, just biology rather than a fault with the product, but it was

still pleasant.


The next test was using the vibe with my partner. He is accustomed to me using a vibrator

externally during intercourse, and I was hoping that the We-Vibe 4+ would end the arm-cramp

we both get trying to keep the vibrator in the right place for me without getting in his way. Despite

adequate lubrication, it was quite difficult for him to enter me alongside the vibe, so we took our

time. Once he was in, though, I had a sense of fullness but it was not unpleasant, and after taking

it gently for a while we were soon up to our normal speed. In missionary, with our bodies in the

way, I found it impossible to change the settings with the remote, even when waving my hand

around, pointing it at our nether regions and clicking all over the place (sexy…). I believe the

bluetooth/app mode may have worked better in this instance. In other positions where there was

clear access to the vibe, there was no problem.


When changing positions, I briefly found it very uncomfortable as the arm, whilst very flexible in

the open/close direction, is not very flexible in the side-to-side direction. If it was, it wouldn’t be as

stable, but it is something to be aware of if you like being suddenly flipped over. The second time

we switched, we were a bit more gentle and it was fine.


Orgasm-wise, I normally enjoy two or three in a row with a vibrator, and the We-Vibe 4+ is no

different in that respect. My orgasms were not any stronger or deeper than using a vibrator

externally, but it was great to be able to use both hands on my partner whilst still getting adequate

stimulation. We had a lot of fun with it. It is possible for the vibe to be used anally, though we

haven’t tried that yet. It would also be great for double stimulation when inserted vaginally during

anal sex. I have also used it as an external vibrator as it fits in the hand very well and is easy to

hang onto even when slippery.


My partner reports that, to him, the feeling of the vibe is not very different to me using one

externally. The internal portion did not get in his way, apart from the initial entry issue. His only

criticism, other than not being able to control the contents of my pants with his Windows device,

is that the remote has a non-rechargeable cell battery, when he thought it would be better that it

charged alongside the vibrator in the case.


I would suggest if you are using condoms that you ensure you are both sufficiently lubricated –

there are no areas likely to catch on or damage a condom, but worth taking care the first time to

make sure things stay put, particularly if you find it’s a tight fit like we did.

A side effect of the tight fit is that after sex I was a little sore due to the contact with the arm part of

the vibe, though I didn’t really notice it until afterwards.

‘It feels like I’ve been riding a horse,’ I told my partner.

He said, ‘That’s very kind of you to say.’

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