Erotica: Learning the ropes.

While I don’t recommend it for educational purposes, I do sometimes feel sorry for those who don’t have a bit of porn in their lives. It can be a wonderful source of new alleys to explore. Our current alley of choice was rope.

We both liked the aesthetics and the feel but, unfortunately, the practice eluded us. Believe me, there is little that kills the mood more than having to continually check your knots against an online video.

When we found the class it was a godsend. Finally someone who could, and I’m sorry but I can’t think of another way to put this, show us the ropes. We booked our places straight away. Luckily there were a couple of weeks that I could use to brush up on my knots.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

On the morning of the class Ida had already been bouncing of the walls in pent up excitement for a couple of days and I was seriously considering swapping her coffee for decaf on the grounds of health and safety; mainly my health and safety. We did make it out of the house without injuries and with a few choice items carefully secreted in the bottom of my bag.

The class itself was everything we could have wanted. I spent the time learning a few ties quietly in the corner while Ida was busy getting herself cocooned in ever increasing quantities of rope and suspended from a ring in the ceiling.

Afterwards we sat in the corner of the attached coffee shop and I nursed a drink while the rest of the class drifted off. When finally we were on our own, I made as if to leave. As we passed the door, I grabbed Ida’s hand and pulled her into the toilet. I’d been surreptitiously watching for a while so was pretty sure we wouldn’t run into anyone.

It pays to plan ahead.

I pulled Ida into a cubicle and against the wall, kissing her firmly and running my fingers up the inside of her thigh. I could feel her heat and wetness through her knickers. She moaned gently and bit my lip as I pulled her knickers aside and slid my fingers into her. I used my thumb to stroke her hard clit and her moans became more urgent. I turned her to face the wall and bent her over pushing her forward so she had to brace herself with her hands. I lifted her skirt and pulled down her knickers and as I ran my hand over her ass she stepped out of her wet knickers and spread her legs inviting me into her. I hiked her skirt higher and lavished my attention on her ass and thighs; kissing, licking and biting them as her moans grew louder and her legs began to tremble. Ida couldn’t see what I was doing and she gasped loudly when she felt the rope circle her waist.

Like I said it pays to plan ahead.

I tied a harness quickly around her waist leading the ropes between her legs and tying them so a knot lay on her throbbing clit. She wriggled against the knot, trying to use the friction to get herself off, but I pulled the ropes tight so the pressure of the knot would keep her aroused but not provide enough friction to do anything more. Ida was about to complain when I parted her pussy lips with the vibrator. She pushed back urgently against it and I teased her with it, feeding it in inch by tantalising inch. When it was finally inside, I lashed the rope around it to hold it firmly in place before running the lines over her ass and tying them in place.

“Home time” I whispered into her ear, dropping her skirt back down so the ropes were muted into a tracery faintly visible under the fabric.

She was flushed and panting with lust when I took her by the hand and, checking the coast was clear, lead her out and back to the car. I helped her into the passenger seat and Ida whimpered slightly as the seat pushed the vibrator harder into her. By the time I had got in her hands had already started to move under her skirt, desperate for some relief. I took hold of her wrists and placed her hands on her knees.

“Keep them there”.

She nodded, barely perceptibly, and relaxed back into the seat her eyes closed trying to control her breathing.

I took the scenic route home. Normally I don’t as the side roads aren’t good but this time every bump and jolt was transmitted through the seat and vibrator deep into Ida’s pussy. By the time we got home her hands white on her knees hard, her eyes wide and breathing laboured.

Ida’s legs were shaking so badly that I had to support her as she teetered from car to house. As soon as we were inside, she dropped to her knees and dragged open my trousers so she could fill her mouth with my cock. I was already hard from hearing her moans on the drive home and was soon throbbing in her mouth. With an effort she dragged her mouth of my cock long enough to moan “fuck me please”.

We stumbled across to the table and I pushed her across it, hiking up her skirt. I put my hands on the rope to untie it, but Ida shook her head “leave it” she gasped and pushed her ass back against me. I guided the slick head of my cock against her ass and leant forward to ask if she was sure when she pushed back eager to feel me inside her. For a moment there was a tension between her desire and tight muscles and then the head of my cock penetrated her ass and she yelped her hands tightening convulsively on the table. I took hold of her hips, pressing them down so that the rope pushed hard against her clit and her pussy tightened around the vibrator and slowly pushed my cock into her. As I did so, I ran my hand down from her hips till I reached the protruding end of the vibrator, twisting it to turn it on. Ida cried out as the vibrations pulsed through her; then again as I thrust deep into her.

Ida was pushing back urgently against me her hands clawing the edge of the table. I kept my weight over her hips to maintain the pressure on her clit and the pulsating tightness in her pussy. She squirmed under me eager to meet my thrusts. I grabbed her hair, pulling her head back and to one side then leaned forward gently biting the side of her neck where it met her shoulder. “Harder” she moaned. I bit harder, leaving marks on her skin, as she yelped and bucked under me. She ground back harder against me screaming incoherently as she came, the muscles of her ass spasming around my cock. I drove deep into her, I could feel the vibrator pulsing in her pussy as her ass tightened hard around me and I clutched at the edge of the table as well as I came deep inside her.

We both collapsed in a sweaty heap on the table gasping for breath. Ida wriggled under me and muttered “Ow! My ass hurts now!” I carefully pull out muttering an apology about getting carried away, but she smiles and kisses me “It’s okay love, not all pain is bad.” Then she winces, “but I’m not sure my legs work properly now!”

It took time, effort and some mutual support to get to the bed where Ida could collapse more comfortably. I somehow managed to untie the ropes with trembling fingers before going to clean up.

When I go back, Ida was lying naked on the bed dreamily running her fingers round the welts left by the rope. I leant across the bed and kissed her cheek rousing her slightly from her reverie. “How are you feeling now?”

She stretched out an arm and hooked it round the back of my neck pulling me closer “perfectly filthy and depraved thank-you” she answered with a smile “more please”.

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