eBook Review: Employee of the Month by Tracey Rogers


Employee of the Month by Tracey Rogers is definitely more romance than erotica, but it’s also hot enough to warrant being reviewed here.

This is the story of Holly Wilder, a hotel employee who’s having a fling with her boss, Max Lazzari – despite all the rules stating that they shouldn’t. It’s a casual thing – the two only see each other once a month, when Max comes to the hotel Holly works at to present the Employee of the Month award. The secret arrangement suits them both perfectly – neither of them are looking for commitment, and the sizzling hot sex certainly keeps their bodies happy. So much so that both of them increasingly look forward to their monthly tryst. That is until they have a shock – Holly’s pregnant! Can the two of them overcome all their issues in order to deal with the hand life has given them? Or is heartbreak in their futures?

I really enjoyed this book – the characters are rounded and believable, the writing style is light and engaging and I found the storyline intriguing. The sizzling sexual tension between the characters is palpable, too. So if you’re looking for a romance read with plenty of heat, you should definitely check out this book.

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