eBook Review: Semper Fi by Keira Andrews


I adored the last Keira Andrews book I read (A Forbidden Rumspringa), so when I was offered the chance to read this one, I jumped at it. Gay, military and historical – what’s not to like?

This book, set during WWII, tells the story of Cal and Jim, two men who meet in the Marines, go through boot camp together, and also to war together. Their friendship has gone from strength to strength, and they very much rely on each other to get them through the tough times they’re experiencing. Cal knows he’s gay, but isn’t “out” – homosexuality was illegal back then, and absolutely not tolerated in society. He’s got incredibly strong feelings for Jim, but has no intention of acting on them – besides, Jim has a wife and child back home, and just isn’t that way inclined. Or is he?

Years later, Cal’s done his best to move on – he’s gone to work for his father and is earning very good money in a job he despises. But it keeps him busy, and his mind off his feelings for Jim, which haven’t diminished despite the time and distance between the two of them.

When Jim’s wife dies unexpectedly, Cal can’t stay away any longer. He can’t leave Jim to cope alone – not with two children and an apple farm to manage, mouths to feed. He goes to Jim’s farm, locking his feelings up tightly, determined to be a good friend to Jim, and nothing more.

Jim is struggling, and is therefore happy that Cal has turned up to help. They fall back into their easy friendship, but before long, it deepens, much to the surprise of both of them. They’ve both survived a hellish war, but can they overcome more adversities in order to find happiness together?

This was one intriguing read. Touching, romantic, sensual, realistic, heart-rending… I couldn’t put it down and found myself diving back into my Kindle at every opportunity. This is another imaginative, beautiful and unique book from Ms Andrews, and I look forward to the next. I’d definitely recommend this to gay romance fans, especially if they like historical fiction, too.

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