Erotica: After the meeting…

The door slammed and was closely followed by a stream of swearing. Something told me that the meeting hadn’t gone well.

And they say men are insensitive.

Ida stomped into the kitchen with a face like thunder. I was going to ask her how it went but one glance told me this would be a bad idea. There are times when it’s really best to give someone space and quiet and one of those times is when they are in close proximity to a draw full of knives. Ida didn’t eat much, but did seem to take a deep pleasure in vindictively stabbing bits of meat. After she had finished doing violence to the meal I suggested we go and sit down with our drinks. She didn’t answer but did at least stomp after me, muttering darkly, and threw herself down on the sofa. I sat on the other end, put her feet onto my lap, slipped off her shoes and started to massage her feet. It took time but eventually between the massage and a large glass of wine Ida’s muscles and mood began to unknot.

“Feeling better?”

“Getting there.” She gave a wan smile then leant forward and kissed my cheek “sorry for being such a grumpy cow; it was a really bad meeting.”

“Yeah I got that impression. Why don’t I run you a bath and you can relax while I finish up in the kitchen?”

Ida slumped back on the sofa. “That would be lovely, thank-you”

When I came back from running the bath she was curled up on the sofa with a second glass of wine and looking much happier. “Bath’s ready; give me a shout if you want anything.” She uncurled and stretched out on the sofa then headed to the bathroom while I dealt with the debris of the meal.

I was sitting back on the sofa and had finished the wine by the time Ida called. She was lying on her front in the bath, cradling her chin in her hands so that her face was clear of the water. “Can you do my back for me please?” I knelt by the side of the bath and applied the soap to her back. As I worked my fingers up her back and shoulders, the last traces of tension ebbed away and Ida sighed contentedly. When I’ve finished I ran my fingernails lightly down her back leaving a trail of gooseflesh and a slight shudder. Ida turned to smile at me then surged to her knees, causing a bathroom scale tsunami of water to surge over the edge of the bath. I tried to evade the water, but Ida threw her arms round my neck and I was thoroughly soaked. She looked down with theatrical mock concern and said “you’d better get out of those wet clothes before you catch a cold”. I reached for my top shirt button but she caught my hand before it got there. “Put me to bed first.” I grabbed a towel while Ida let out what little water hadn’t ended up over me. Wrapping her in the towel I scooped her up in my arms. “Of course you do realise I’m going to have to get you back for that soaking?”

She smiled “I’m counting on it.”

I carried Ida through to the bedroom and dropped her on the bed where she scrambled headfirst under the duvet. The target was too tempting and I gave her ass a spank just before it vanished under the bedclothes provoking a squeak and a giggle from the depths of the bed. I peeled off my wet and rapidly cooling clothes but when I turned back to the bed Ida had cocooned herself in the duvet. She stuck her tongue out at me “you’re not coming under the duvet until you kiss my poor abused bum better”.

I sighed melodramatically and rolled my eyes “come on then let’s get it over with”. Ida wriggled out from under the duvet and I leant over the bed and gently kissed an exposed buttock, then bit it making her squeak and giggle again. I kissed my way up her leg till I reached her knee then, flipping her onto her back, I started to kiss up the inside of her thigh. I interspersed strokes from the tip of my tongue and gentle grazing nibbles between the kisses and by the time I had slowly meandered half way down her inner thigh, Ida was starting to squirm and gasp. “There has that made your ‘poor abused bum’ feel better?”

Ida swallowed hard “not quite, I think it needs a bit more”.

I continued my way down her thigh, a little firmer with my kisses and a little harder with my bites till each touch of my mouth evoked a moan of pleasure. I stopped once again just short of her groin “surely that must have made it feel better now?” I asked innocently. Ida didn’t bother to answer, she pushed her hips up to meet my lips and then circled a leg over my shoulder to pull me into her. I swept my tongue in broad strokes over her pussy and she gasped and I felt her legs start to tremble. I exposed her clit and swirled my tongue around it while slowly easing one, then two fingers into her. I teased her clit with tongue and lips while fucking her with my fingers. As Ida’s breathing became ragged I backed off, letting her excitement ebb before using my tongue and fingers to bring her back to the edge again. I slid out from under her leg and started to kiss my way up her body, producing a little shiver each time my lips touched her flesh. Ida’s hands began to drift down her body to replace my fingers and tongue but I caught her wrists and pinned them to the bed. She writhed under my grip, moaning in frustration as my lips and teeth played over her belly, breasts, nipple and neck. As I kissed and nibbled up the side of her neck she was barely able to speak between moans and ragged breaths but managed to get out “Oh god! Please just fuck me.”

I changed my position so that I was straddling her, my knees either side of her legs, then ground my cock down onto her pussy. She tried to open her legs to get my cock inside her but was prevented by the position of my knees. I moved my legs slightly further apart and pressed the tip of my cock against her slick, wet opening. “Is this what you want?” Ida moaned and nodded. I pushed the length of my cock into her with one hard thrust and she cried out her eyes snapping wide open and her mouth forming a perfect “o”. I pulled my hips up her body so the back of my cock rasped against her clit with each thrust. She struggled to open her legs further so she could take me deeper but instead I squeezed her thighs together, increasing the pressure and friction in her pussy. She moaned loudly with each thrust, biting her lip to try and stop from crying out. I squeezed harder with my legs and thrust harder and faster into her, relishing her cries and moans. The cries got louder until Ida was screaming and bucking underneath me, arching her back and pushing her hips up into me. Then she threw her head back on the pillow and howled as her pussy tightened around me, climaxing so hard that her wetness splashed out over my cock and tricked over our legs. Her excitement spurred on my orgasm and as her muscles clenched around my cock I pushed deep into her and cried out in my own climax.

We collapsed back onto the bed, a tangle of sweaty arms and legs. Ida snuggled back against my chest and into my arms and sighed in contentment then poked me in the ribs with her elbow. “You realise we’ll never be able to look your neighbours in the eye again.” she said with a grin.

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