Features: Seven Last Minute Sexy Gifts


  1. Create a play hamper: You don’t need a specialist shop to get sex toys nowadays: if your favourite erotic boutique is closed, head to the supermarket or Superdrug, both of which stock Durex sex toys. For a great basic toy kit, team a vibrating bullet with a cock ring (assuming there’s a penis involved in your love life – though they can also be used to add a clit stim to a straight vibrator). Add a pair of stockings, some lube and baby wipes and you’ve turned a last-minute gift into a thoughtful hamper. Champagne is an added option. Should you wish to add a kinky twist, a silicone spatula can make a surprisingly effective spanker.

  2. Create a modern-day mix tape of sexy songs by creating a playlist for your lover and loading it onto a dongle. Don’t forget to write sleeve notes explaining why you’ve included each song. (Should you be feeling more like splashing out, you can load the songs onto a suitable electronic gadget of your choice)

  3. Buy a set of notecards and turn them into sex (and/or romance) vouchers for your lover. Unlike sex vouchers that you can buy in the shops, you can personalise them to ensure your lover gets exactly what they want – and make sure that you enjoy giving just as much as your lover enjoys receiving.

  4. Load up your lover’s ebook reader/Kindle/smartphone with a selection of sexy books. Garden of Desires: The Evolution of Women’s Sexual Fantasies (by Cliterati founder, Emily Dubberley) explores the way women’s fantasies have evolved over the 40 years since they were first accepted as existing, and includes fantasies from over 400 women – or try her new erotic novel, Blue Mondays. Cliterati Book Editor, Lucy Felthouse, has many great erotic books to choose from, while Susan Quilliam’s updated Joy of Sex is a modern classic. Other Cliterati favourites include KD Grace, Mathilde Madden, Alma Marceau, Nicholson Baker and of course, Anais Nin.

  5. Book a sexy break away. Air B&B has some great, quirky locations, many of which are far cheaper than hotels.

  6. Book tickets to a kinky event such as Torture Garden‘s Valentine’s Weekend or London Fetish Weekend.

  7. Write your lover an erotic story. Print it out onto quality paper and seal with a kiss. Should they have exhibitionist cravings (or wish to share your writing genius) they could always add it to Cliterati in the new year…

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