Book Extract: Tease Me In Texas by Annabella Wolf


Caprice stood in front of the full-length mirror, her hands on her hips. She was still wearing her hot-

red, short dressing gown, but it was about time to put something else on. One last look out the

window and she became exasperated; the winter was stopping her from showing any skin. And

Caprice had very beautiful skin that just shouldn’t be hidden underneath turtlenecks. Turtlenecks! —

Gross, she thought, and shook her body in disgust.

She reached for the sexy aromatherapy oils she kept in the bathroom to enhance that all important

spa experience and lit the little candle underneath. Then she closed her eyes, inhaled deeply and

enjoyed the warm exotic scents that crept over her.

She looked back at her reflection in the mirror. Her dressing gown had shifted and her right nipple

was peeping out. Caprice gazed in admiration at her own big tits. Her breasts were simply gorgeous.

She leaned her head to the side and studied her ample curves beneath the red-hot dressing gown.

Then she smiled and held her breasts lightly in her hands, looking in admiration. Her hands moved

down to slowly open her gown’s belt and pushed it aside. She looked from her pointy pink nipples

over the flat stomach to her waxed pussy.

She grabbed her breasts with both hands, this time harder and pushed them together. As Caprice

continued to massage her breasts devotedly, she sighed.

The oil burner was building to an intensity alongside her. She inhaled once more and let her right

hand travel over the caramel coloured skin of her stomach and further down. Slowly her fingers

reached her groin, then her pubis and finally the soft lips of her pussy. Caprice sighed a little louder

and pushed the lips apart. The tips of her fingers reached her clitoris and caressed it with small

circling motions.

She threw back her head and rubbed herself more vigorously now. Her moans growing ever louder.

Her clitoris had meanwhile become hot and damp, and her pussy lips were slightly swollen.

Caprice leaned forward a little and pushed out her butt. Her copper curls fell forward dangling in

front of her cleavage. As her fingers now slid into her pussy, Caprice almost uttered a shout. She had

to steady herself on the mirror.
She plunged the fingers of her right hand deep into herself, again and again. Her tits were shaking in

the rhythm of her thrusts, as she finger fucked herself faster and faster.

With barely opened eyes, she watched as her plump breasts jiggled and her pointy nipples danced

rhythmically. Then she added her middle finger and fucked herself even harder. But it still wasn’t

enough, she wanted more, and now she also pushed her ring finger into her tight, moist pussy.

Gasping, she thrust into herself. Pearls of sweat had formed and were running down her throat, but

Caprice kept pushing her fingers into herself, each time deeper and more ferociously than the last.

She was panting and groaning and then she came, screaming in pleasure.

Caprice paused for a second. In the mirror she saw how her tits were rising and falling. Then she

pulled her wet fingers out of her pussy. She smiled and lifted her fingers up to her nose to smell her

own scent, warm, hot, and passionate. Then she lightly ran her fingers over her lips and licked deeply

until they were warm and dry and she could taste her orgasm in her mouth.

Ah well, she thought, it seemed like she would be a little late for work again today.

Despite the fact that she’d cum right on time.

Tease Me in Texas by Annabella Wolf is published 8th December as part of Caprice, a sexy,

glamorous and unashamedly escapist series of digital short stories written by bestselling erotica

authors from Germany, published by Bastei Entertainment, price £1.49 per eBook.

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