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SubcomicWhen Cliterati first started, there were very few people – particularly women – writing about sex on the internet. Now, there’s an abundance of sex bloggers. But who should you read? We didn’t think it was fair for us to decide on our own but wanted to help expose (ahem) the best sex bloggers around. And so, we are asking our favourite sex bloggers to interview their favourite sex bloggers, in a similar way to Chain Reaction on Radio 4. Last week GirlOntheNet, who summarises her site as “All the ways I love fucking.” interviewed Dumb Domme. Now, Dumb Domme is interviewing Submissive Guy Comics. Enjoy the Daisy Chain…

First, thanks to the lovely, wicked-smart Girl on the Net for inviting me to participate in the Daisy Chain and for asking some kick-ass questions. After reading about GoTN’s writer-crush and learning she’d like to take me out for a drink (damn you Atlantic Ocean!), I bought schematics online and I expect to begin construction of a hover craft sometime next week. Order a vodka tonic for me, GoTN… I’ll be there soon.

In the meantime, I had the pleasure of asking the sweet and talented Submissive Guy Comics a few questions about his work. Besides his obvious artistic talent and clever images, what I admire most about SGC’s drawings is his inclusion of diversity. SGC not only draws people of various races, sizes, sexualities, identities, and orientations, but he also draws them in a variety of situations — from silly to sweet and from mundane to magical. His comics show D/s relationships as we want them to be and as they really are.

After you check out SCG’s comics, do yourself a favor and follow him on Twitter. On occasion, he’ll ask for warm-up sketch suggestions and then post the results. If you’re lucky, SGC will use one of your ideas and you’ll be delighted by a happy sloth, a pup, some very comfy kittens, or a zen chicken.

Also, be sure to check out SGC’s Patreon and support him if you’re able. With so many unrealistic images of D/s and BDSM out there, we need more artists like SCG to show the world that BDSM can also be silly, sweet, intimate, and deeply meaningful.

And now… the questions…

How would you describe Submissive Guy Comics in two sentences or less?

Small insights into light-hearted or awkward situations that unfold in BDSM relationships between all the leather and surly looks.

And in six words?

Submissive guy draws, keeps things light.

I’m curious about your process and initial approach. From where (or from whom) you do draw inspiration? Do you approach a draft with the intention of illustrating something temporal (like a scene, subject, or action) or communicating something incorporeal (like an emotion, mood, or relationship)?

Thank you for the question! If it’s okay, I’ll divide the posts into three categories: warm-ups, sketcheroos and the comics.

Warm-ups can be anything and I ask folks on Twitter and Patreon for suggestions. I’ll draw anything (mandrills, landscapes, your sloths[!], etc.) and dig the challenge in the range of topics.

Sketcheroos are just brief moments in D/s relationships without any real context or explanation. They tend to be 2-3 colors and focus on the mood and intimacy between the partners. The process is more meditative and easier than drawing the comics. They are usually the most reflective of where my head is at that day. If you can get into subspace by drawing, this is where it happens for me.

The comics start with something that makes me do that internal snicker-breath-huff or a pesky thought that just won’t go away. Usually I get through half of the drawing, question if anything is even funny anymore, suck it up, add color, finish, post, change the caption 1-10 times and there you go!

Part of what I love about your panels is the diversity of subjects (people of different races, sizes, orientations, and identities). Obviously, that means you draw from/for people whose experiences and identities are different than your own. Why do you do it, and how do you approach diversity respectfully and responsibly?

I’ve thought about this question. A lot. It’s important to me to have everyone feel welcome on the SGC site. Since folks that are drawn to BDSM come from all identities, I want to be representative as much as I can while being true to lived experiences.

You really can’t put people in a box (well, you can if yer into that and have consent), but it doesn’t do any good to pigeon-hole folks in life. A few years ago, I came across the Riddle Scale, which is a psychometric scale that measures the degree to which a person is or is not homophobic. It goes: repulsion, pity, tolerance, acceptance, support, admiration, appreciation and nurturance. Taking a look at where ‘tolerance’ is located on the scale, it hits on the homophobic end.

When I saw that, it really hit me to be like ‘eff that noise,’ I want readers of all identities to be celebrated and nurtured instead of just tolerated. Hell, I want to be celebrated and nurtured instead of just tolerated. It’s just something that we should do for each other.

If you had to pick one of your images that’s either your favorite, or one you feel best represents you, which would it be, and why?

Woof, another good question! Alright, it’s probably ‘Tend to Yer Heart.’ I’m a firm believer in that you have to know yourself really well before you get into a D/s relationship. There is too much of a danger to build something on illusion and fantasy. Taking time to know your own self helps you become more resilient and to carry forward more honestly.

What do you find most difficult to draw or communicate? (is it a part of human anatomy? an action or motion? a connection or feeling?)

Mmm! Well, I definitely would say that I wrestle with human anatomy. If I’m working from memory, I sometimes forget how arms and legs work.

Who will you be interviewing for Daisy Chain and why?

For the next installment of the Cliterati Interviews, I have the honor of asking Ferns from Domme Chronicles a few good questions. I asked her to participate because I believe she has got one of the most engaging blogs on the interwebs. Whether she’s pulling apart relationships to examine the tiny threads or blowing me away with her posts on D/s, she has a phenomenal gift for introspection that leads to her become (if possible) even finer.

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