Erotica: Loser Takes It All

It was one of those sultry night you really don’t get often enough to waste in cooking so we ended up in a bar eating pizza and playing pool. Pool is a good game for us. We’re both so appallingly bad that one game can last all night. We get our money’s worth. From where I was sitting another advantage of sultry summer nights was the light summer dress Ida was wearing and that clung to her in a very distracting way. So distracting that I missed the fact it was my turn until Ida returned from the table and sat in my lap. She leant forward and whispered just above the background noise “You know I can actually feel your eyes on my ass. Would you like to fuck it again?” She shuffled back in my lap against my rapidly hardening cock “I’ll take that as a yes.” That not entirely trustworthy smile played across Ida’s lips. “Why don’t we make this game a bit more exciting? If you win you get my ass.” She stood up and said with faux innocence “your turn.” I stood, desperately trying to hide my all too obvious erection and was about to go to the table when Ida leant forward and slapped me on the ass making me jump. I turn back to Ida and she beckoned me closer so she could whisper to me again “of course if I win I get yours.”

I might have mentioned that pool isn’t really my forte and it wasn’t helped by Ida making a pantomime of bending over the table each time it was her turn. I’m not entirely sure that was playing fair. Somehow I ended up with a final perfectly lined up black. Ida pouted theatrically at me. “There’s no point getting sulky now” I said, more than a little smugly, ”it was your idea”. I should have known; smugness goes before a fall. Whether it was distraction or my own stunning lack of talent I miscued badly and watched the white ball trickle in after the black. Now it was Ida’s turn to look smug which she did with a great deal of pleasure. “Oh bad luck, I suppose that means I win!” She walked round the table and put a proprietorial arm round my waist, gave my butt a squeeze and leaned in close “I guess that means this is mine now.”

I had thought she was joking but Ida made it clear that sex was off limits until she collected her “winnings”. The next few days were interesting, Ida delighted in walking around naked, masturbating loudly, emailing me random pictures of strap-ons that could do double duty as drain cleaners and generally winding my libido up as tightly as it would go.

It was the Saturday morning when I was standing at the kitchen counter that Ida came up behind me, put her arms round my waist and pulled in close. Something hard pressed against my back. As I turned round, she stepped back and slipped off her robe revealing a harness round her waist and slick hard dildo. “I know you like my taste so I’ve got it ready for you” Ida put her hands on my shoulders, gently guiding me down onto my knees. I took the tip of the dildo into my mouth and it was filled with Ida’s scent and taste. She moved a hand from my shoulder to my cheek and stroked it gently while she pushed the dildo deeper in. A lifetime of social conditioning tried to tell me this was wrong but my body had other ideas and my cock was nearly as hard as the one in my mouth.

Ida took me by the hand and led me upstairs to the bedroom. Once in there she slipped my robe off my shoulders then, licking and biting my nipples, she let it drop to the floor. She pushed me back onto the bed and pushing my legs apart, knelt between them. I lay back and closed my eyes as she ran her tongue up my hard cock. When she reached the top she wrapped her lips around the head and as my cock entered her mouth I felt her finger press against my ass. At first my muscles tightened up, refusing access but as Ida worked on my cock I relaxed and her finger slipped into me. To begin with, the pressure was uncomfortable but it soon transformed into pulsing waves that travelled from her fingers up the length of my cock and into her mouth. As I relaxed further, Ida slid in another finger. I shuddered and would have come if Ida had not taken my cock out of her mouth. She slowly eased her fingers deeper into me until they were buried to the knuckle. She held them still for a minute to allow my near orgasm to recede into the background waves of pleasure. Ida watched closely waiting for the pulsing in my cock and trembling in my legs to calm down. Once they had done, she slowly started to fuck me with her fingers. I don’t know what her fingers were hitting but each time she pushed into me an orgasmic sensation thrilled through my body. My back arched involuntarily, pushing against Ida’s hand, eager for the sensation. She slowly pulled her fingers out and I moaned in frustration. Ida leant forward “I think you’re ready now.” She pushed a pillow under my hips, raising them so she could get easier access, and put the tip of the strap on against my ass. “Ready?” I nodded, not quite trusting myself to speak. She pushed gently and again my muscles had a mind of their own; but they couldn’t hold out. The tip of the dildo slid in and I yelped “slowly!” Ida put her hands on the top of my hips and gently pushed into me. As it slid in I felt the pressure build spreading in tingling waves through my cock before pulsing out into the rest of my body. Before I knew it Ida’s hips were pressed firmly against mine. I opened my eyes and looked up to see her framed between my legs. She smiled and ran her fingernails up the length of my cock, making me squirm with the intensity of the sensation. “You took it all; such a good boy!” She pulled out fractionally and, starting with only tiny movements, began to fuck me. I lay back on the bed, eyes fluttering closed and fingers knotting into the bed sheets while the waves of pleasure grew with each thrust. The pressure in my cock was building, making it feel like all the blood in my body was fighting to get into it. Each of Ida’s thrusts made it jerk spasmodically, desperate for some kind of release. My vision began to blur and I my body started to feel distant and tingly; it was all getting too much. I was about to ask Ida to stop when the orgasm hit, exploding through my body. I don’t know if I screamed or even if I remained entirely conscious. When I regained some semblance of coherence I had to wipe the sweat and tears from my eyes so I could see again. Ida unclipped the harness and, holding it in place, curled down to kiss the base of my cock. Even after that orgasm it was enormously hard, the head throbbing in time with my pulse. The touch of Ida’s lips was electric; I couldn’t believe I could be so sensitive. She ran the tip of her tongue up my cock then breathed gently on it. The only way I can describe what came out of my mouth is as a squeak! My back stiffened as sensations of heat and cold battled the length of my throbbing cock. Ida smiled, obviously enjoying my response, and kissed her way up my cock making me gasp and wince with each touch. As she got higher the gasps turned into moans and when she ran her tongue around the head of my cock I convulsed as a second orgasm hit. Ida looked up at me “twice? I think that means we get to keep this?” she said tapping the base of the strap on and sending another shudder of pleasure through my body. I managed to nod and mumble something less than profound in response.

Ida curled around me, wrapping me up in her arms and legs as I floated on waves of endorphins. After several minutes I started to come back to earth and snuggled back into her comforting warmth. She kissed the back of my neck and then I felt her breath on my ear as she spoke “I think we’re going to have to go out and play some more pool, don’t you?” I smiled to myself and taking her hands in mine pulled them tighter around me before replying “next time I’m playing to lose.”

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