Erotica: Spring Awakening

I did not think I would be writing this, I thought I was becoming asexual, my body no longer affected by sexual urges. I thought I was withdrawing to heal, retreating into myself, revelling in my own company, with no need to allow another into my intimate space. I was happy with the label; wore it in comfort. I had shared beds and banter, conversations and flirtations but no part of me responded to the obvious offers.

I thought I was becoming asexual.

I thought I was safe sharing a bed: my body tuned out of responding to another’s. I had shared a bed with someone else the night before, wearing fluffy pyjamas with no thought of sex on my mind despite our proximity.

Chemistry is not the only explanation, though I suspect the weakening oxytoxic bonds to my previous night’s partner may have prepared me for a fresh influx of desire. But it was not just chemicals that drew me in.

The sensation off fingertips against my arm hairs, touch tender enough to barely graze their tips; gently caressing rather than insistently grabbing; contented rather than tactical; affectionate not demanding.

The warmth of naked skin against my back. I could feel my body heat rising, wanted to take off the T-shirt I wore but knew that to do so was to cross a line we had agreed not to. Neither of us wanted to have sex. Complication is best avoided. I agreed in all willingness, compliant and insistent in equal measure.

I thought I was becoming asexual. I was wrong.

Or at least, the phase passed rather rapidly.

I knew that if I took my top of to show my breasts, uncover my skin so it pressed naked against his chest, it would be raising the bar for both of us; inviting temptation; creating allure where no lure should be.

I lay there, thinking about not taking my top off, refusing to let my mind wander to where things might go if I did disrobe, for fear it would weaken my resistance. Thigh against thigh tempted me to wriggle back, press the curve of my arse into the ever-growing bulge that I was choosing to ignore. Hard. My mind could not go down those tunnels if I wanted to maintain my control.

A kiss; a stroke; a touch – all reminding me of how long it had been since I had felt the caress of affection. I had become accustomed to sex equating to harsh pounding and violent language, an endurance sport more than something to enjoy; each experience teamed with ‘harder,’ ‘faster,’, ‘deeper’, ‘more,’ no matter what was occurring. There was no ‘off’ switch – just ever greater extremes to fulfil.

That simple stroke of the arm reminded me of something my body had forgotten: tenderness. I could not allow myself to drift into sensual daydream for fear of the movements and actions it would inspire.

I could not let my brain explore when he moved from the bed to wank away his own temptation. I could not let myself think about his hand on his shaft, for fear of it wandering to my mouth at his cock: too easy to make come true; too complicated to pursue.

And so I lay there, not thinking, trying to sleep away the desire.

It is only now , safely distanced, that I can let my mind explore.

I am not asexual.

My libido is no longer dormant.

For now, it is enough knowing that it still lurks within me, a pilot light for whenever it is needed.

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