News: Sex, Intimacy and Care Home Residents Research Initiative Announced

Sex, sexuality and intimacy among old people and care home residents in particular is the last taboo. There is little awareness of the intimate and erotic needs of older care home residents needs.  This topic is routinely sidelined in Government policy and often shrouded in silence and/or shame in care settings. Old people are excluded from sexual citizenship: they are seen as post-sexual and their attempts to express themselves as sexual or desirable beings are commonly met with ridicule or incredulity. Stereotypes abound about Vera Lynn and the War but current generations of old people have not just been round the block a few times; they have also been affected by the ‘swinging sixties’, women’s and gay liberation struggles and social pornification.

Little research has been done on this topic in the UK until now. The OPUS Research Initiative (consisting of academics and older people), the Institute for Public Policy (I4P) and the Journal of International Network of Sexual Ethics and Politics are holding an event from 2 – 5pm on 25 March 2015 at Edge Hill University (Ormskirk, Lancs) to bring together academics with carers/practitioners and policy-shapers. This event will share and discuss findings from a recent study conducted in Northwest England of residents, carers and spouses of residents with a dementia and their views on addressing intimacy and sexuality in care homes for older people. This participative event will also offer anyone who attends a chance to shape a proposed piece of national (possibly cross-national) research on this issue.

Refreshments are included in the £25 fee.    Register here


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