News: Unslut Project Seeks Second Round of Funding


At Cliterati, we’ve long been following the progress of The Unslut Project, which aims to break down slut shaming and sexual stigma, through its website and documentary. Now they’re looking for a second round of funding, after succesfully completing their ground-breaking documentary.

“Slut: A Documentary Film” tells the story of Rehtaeh Parsons, a Nova Scotia teenager who took her own life in 2013 after being gang-raped and subsequently sexually bullied by her classmates. Through the diverse stories of four North American women who have overcome various forms of sexual shaming, including the victim in the Roman Polanski sex scandal of the late 1970s, “Slut: A Documentary Film” explores how we can work on individual, community, and cultural levels toward a world where sexual assault victims get the support they need and where the word “slut” doesn’t even make sense as an insult.

In August 2013, with the help of Executive Producer Mick Foley, The Unslut Project used Kickstarter to raise $19,578 for production of this film. Over the past year and a half, co-directors Emily Lindin and Jessica Caimi have filmed all over North America. Their  goal is to continue the tradition of personal story sharing that has always been a part of The UnSlut Project, and furthermore to explore how they got here and the specific steps we can take toward change. Now they need your help to turn all this amazing footage into the best film possible!

Check out @UnSlutProject (#unslut) on Twitter & support their documentary film here

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