Erotica: Mutal Satisfaction by Rebecca Black

“Go on, please. I want to watch you.”

He sits back naked in the chair facing the bed.

She laughs nervously. “I’m not sure about this, Jake.”

“Sit on the bed. We’ll watch each other.”

He watches her swallow and lick her full lips uncertainly.

She’s struggling to take her eyes from between his legs. Her gaze flicking between his face and his hand slowly stroking his cock.

Her hair is disheveled from his hands gripping it tight moments ago. Long, tangled curls fall over her shoulders to rest just above her beautiful, bare breasts. They wear his marks, patches of intermittent pink and deeper red.

His eyes travel down her body to her sweet white panties. He likes that she’s partially hidden from him. It only makes him want to unwrap her, to look at what she’s concealing between her long legs.

His hand works a little harder as he thinks about licking those pretty rose-coloured nipples; drawing his eyes down her tight body to the bow at the top of her panties. He makes himself slow down, he won’t touch her this time.

This time he just wants to watch her.

She sits down slowly on the edge of the bed. He can see the hunger in her eyes but she’s still unsure.

A small smile lifts his lips. This is only the start, but he knows she will come to want it; possibly more than him.

“Touch yourself. I want to see you.”

Her legs part, showing a little of what’s inside. He knows they will have to open time and time again before he knows everything that he needs to. Every little movement and sound that betrays her pleasure; he will piece them all together until she surrenders completely. Only then, he is surprised to realise, could it possibly be enough.

Her hand glides over the top of her thigh.

This time he is the one who cannot stop watching. He holds his breath, his hand’s rhythm faltering briefly as the tips of her fingers dip hesitantly underneath the white fabric.

“Go on.” He breathes.

Her mouth is open. He hears her breathing, faster and heavier, telegraphing her excitement. Her eyes are wide though, belying her vulnerability.

His chest feels tight as he says, “You’re beautiful.”

She gives him a shaky smile, her eyes alight with renewed confidence. Finally her fingers disappear beneath the flimsy barrier. Her eyes close and he leans forward to catch her soft moan. Her fingers quickly pick up what he’s sure is a familiar pattern. Circling and pressing her clit then dipping down to spread her honey where she needs it.

His hand picks up speed as he watches her lean back on one arm, her legs going wider. Her hand is already working hard, she won’t last long.

“Lie back on the bed.”

She falls back lifting one bent leg for leverage on the bed while the other foot goes on tip toe. Raising her free hand to mold and squeeze her breast, she turns her head to the side, her lips parted, eyes closed. He has never wanted to see a woman’s climax like he does hers. Lying there, lost in her own touch she is everything he has ever wanted. He wants to own her, mark her, make her his.

Her muscles begin to tense and flex, her head moves from side to side. She moans long and low. The sound of her impending release enough to finish him.

“Open your eyes. Look at me!”

She does as he demands, her gaze heavy with need. She’s so close. Chasing it. She squeezes her breast, pinching the nipple. He can see part of the hand in her panties as she rubs herself.

His hand works faster now. His eyes riveted on her face. He wants them to come together. Watching each other at their most vulnerable.

She’s coming now, long, hard shudders take over her body as she frantically works her body to orgasm. She keeps her eyes locked to his. His stomach clenches as he jerks forward in time with each jet of come landing on his skin. Their faces naked and exposed in their final moments.

He realises that’s the way it must be between them. Always.

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