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World Book Day has long celebrated the way in which books can educate, entertain and open up new worlds to explore. That got us thinking: erotica can also educate and entertain. Erotic readers and writers are likely to support sex ed. Sex ed is desperately needed and often still woefully inadequate. So why not use March 5 as a chance to raise money for sexual health and well-being organisation, Brook, while celebrating and promoting the diversity of erotica with a fund-raising erotic ebook? Well, it seemed obvious to us…

While EL James has certainly propelled erotica into the mainstream, there are a lot more than 50 Shades of erotic writing out there to enjoy. We will be showingcasing the astounding range of desires that are catered for through erotica. From men in love to women in charge, first time fetish to loving passion, myriad themes are explored – and erotica can be so much more than a one handed read. Erotic literature didn’t begin and end with Anais Nin and the Marquis de Sade – and over 200 erotic writers who have joined us to celebrate erotica will prove it.

So what will be happening on Erotic World Book Day?

  1. We are having a party – and it’s online, so anyone can come. Like our EWBD FB page here to find out more, and secure your invitation here. The party will take place entirely online on our event page from 7pm-midnight on 5th March (GMT)

  2. During this party, we will share erotic extracts and erotica writing tips; caption contests and collaborative stories; with over £1,000 sex toys from brands including Durex, Vibease and Cara Sutra to be won.

  3. The evening of online entertainment will also include cabaret sex ed with Desmond O’ Connor; exclusive free book extracts, and the launch of our erotica anthology, An Intimate Education, with all profits going to Brook – plus many other books to be won.

  4. We’re compiling a list of contemporary sexy classics to give you an idea of where to find new erotic inspiration.

  5. We’re asking all party attendees to help in the fund-raising effort in exchange for this fun and sexy evening online, whether by donating, adding a ‘Donate to Brook’ link to your site . Cara Sutra has kindly created this button which you can use on your website.

    Brook buttonand this button which works as both a FB profile picture and a Twitter AVI

Erotic writers and sex bloggers including Cliterati founder, Emily Dubberley, ETO-award-winning Cara Sutra, Victoria and Kev Blisse of Smut UK, Eroticon founder, Ruby Kiddell, Rebecca Black and Jeremy Edwards are just a few of the people helping create the Erotic World Book Day party: see #EWBD on  Twitter for the latest updates. And keep updated with the prizes that are coming in on Cara Sutra’s blog.

So how do you get involved? What do you need to do?

a) Add a ‘Donate to Brook’ link if you have your own website, Facebook profile or Twitter account. It costs you nothing but a little time and could help raise much needed funds (better yet, add one to Scarleteen too, particularly if you are US based) If you have spare money, it would be fab if you can donate too

b) Like our EWBD page

c) Join the party and put 7pm-late in your diary for 5th March: it’s the sexiest party you don’t need to leave the house for.

d) If you have an offline adult store, get a Brook collecting can so people can donate their change.

e) If you are an erotic writer and want to get involved in what we’re doing, join our Discussion Page. If you’re a toy retailer or erotic publisher and want to donate prizes for the competition, let us know through the group too.

Erotic World Book Day is a collaborative effort: great things can happen when we come together.  So join us on 5 March to celebrate smut and sex ed.

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